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Garage Games 2012 - Day 1

September 8, 2012

Garage Games Day 1...

Wow, what a day! It was filled with all sorts of emotions and excitement... and a little bit of not so good excitement as well, Ill get to that. It all started off with getting up dark and early (because it was everything BUT bright at 5:00 in the morning). Hubs and I had a little breakfast, some coffee and got everything loaded into the truck to get to our meeting spot to hook up with our fellow CFWers. My stomach was doing its usual nervous flip flop. I know I really had nothing to be "nervous" about, I think it was just the whole buildup to the day that was getting to me. I was all chatty on the way down and just overall ready to get the day going! When we arrived we unloaded set up our tents and as the rest of the CFW Team arrived we all got more and more excited!

We checked in, got out numbers and awaited the athletes meeting. I can remember looking around when people were showing up thinking "I remember that girl," "ohhhh yeah she is really good," and "wasnt she at regionals." I was starting to get this sinking feeling in my stomach... but I knew I had to hold it together. It didnt matter what anyone else was doing. I had a goal and I was there to do the best that I could do. If I get clobbered I get clobbered... as long as I fight and put my best foot forward, thats all I can do! I had to just block out everyone and remember where I have come from and that I was proud of myself for even just signing up for the competition.

We had the athletes meeting and the next thing I knew I was getting warmed up for Jackie. The first of my 5 WODs for the weekend. Unfortunately, the guys were going to be competing at the same time as the ladies on both days so it almost came down to "luck" if we were able to watch each other in our respective events. We all knew that there would be at least one person watching to help push us along so there was no worries! My Mom and Dad showed up and one of my friends and I got even more excited. I all of a sudden felt like I was 10 years old and about to go on stage at my dance recital! All three of these people have been there for other moments like this for me, so it was actually pretty comforting to have them there. They were there to support me and encourage me and I wanted to kick ass!!

I did some warming up than watched K in her heat of Jackie cheered her on as long as I could than headed back to the warmup room! Before I knew it it was time to line up. Thats when I got really excited. My heat was lined in the hall, myself... two other Sarah's and two Michelles... there were three other girls in the middle, we just found humor in the fact that we would have the "biggest cheering section" since ya know, when you say "Sarah" you dont know if there is an H or not! I was trying to work the jitters out and just couldnt wait to get out there. As we were introduced my heart was racing, trying not to look where anyone was in the crowd. I talked to my judge, did two pullups, two thrusters and sat down to get my rower set.

Once I heard 3...2...1.. GO it was pure focus. I knew I had to get ahead on the rower. I have a pretty strong row so I just tried to get the absolute most of every single pull. I heard K behind me reminding me that I had to do thrusters after the row, so around the 750 mark I did a half row with my legs and around 900m I was all arms to give my legs a break. I had my best 1K row of my entire CF Lifetime. I was off in less than 4 minutes and I was feeling fantastic. Right over to the bar and the thrusters began. My plan was to do as many as I could without breaking them up. I had 50 to do, so I had to pace myself. I had faced away from the clock (and all the other athletes, I was on the end of the row) so I had no distractions. I had no idea I did that until I saw the pictures after. The thrusters were feeling good and I was on a roll. My head was down and I was determined to get as far ahead as I could because I knew my sore spot was coming. Finally, it was time for 30 pullups. I have to hand it to my CF friends at this point for being there and encouraging me. Amongst some of the others from CFW watching and cheering, ML was there next to K and were both cheering me on to get every last ounce of what I had in me to get those pullups. I was thrilled I was able to link together multiple kipping pullups and was totally oblivious to any pain in my hands or anything like that. I just wanted to do the best I could. Every time I dropped I heard ML or K yelling "right back up" and I was right back up on that bar. When I completed my last of the 30 reps I had done exactly what I wanted to do. Finished Jackie in 9:51... 9 seconds under my goal!! I was thrilled and so proud of myself!

Next up was the "floater" WOD. We had all day on Saturday to complete this 2 minute WOD. All you had to do was warmup, get in line and complete it by 3:00pm. Easy enough? Well the strategy came into play that you didnt want to be too close to the first WOD, or too close to the second WOD... but you wanted enough time to eat in between... lots to factor in there. Thankfully it was a pretty quick one, so once I was fully recovered (or as much as I could be recovered) from Jackie I was ready to get warmed up. I did some light jogging, up the hill... some sprints and lots of hamstring stretching... than back to the warmup room for some deadlifts. Had to get those hams moving again after all those thrusters! Eventually I was ready to go. Hubs decided to join me for the WOD (this is where he was injured so I am going to leave his story out of it, just know he is ok, recovering and we are very happy that it is nothing more serious than it is).

At the GO I turned to my bar and hammered out the 5 deadlifts at 225lbs. My judge was great and made sure before I got started that I understood where she would call a no rep on those. I felt great and in control. I dropped the weight and stated in on the sprints. We had practiced this one in the gym, but we ran the length of the gym. We had the walls to sort of bounce off of, so there wasnt as much of a "short stop" at the end. Here we had to pick up a beanbag and return it to a bucket on the other end. My first trip back I hit the edge of the bucket with the beanbag and had to take the time to stand the bucket back up (the judge isnt allowed to touch it). Lost a few fractions of a second there, but just kept moving as quickly as I could. Finished this one in 1:22:04 (which was also a PR). When I was done I went to go make sure Hubs was doing ok right away... I couldnt even focus on being tired... which I think helped me recover even faster in the end.

 Me on the far right, Hubs on the Far Left

After we were all settled back at the tent and I had some food in my belly I was getting ready for the most challenge WOD for me. I was thrilled that Hubs had thought about the chicken salad for a "meal" because it really helped with my recovery. That combined with coconut water, plantain chips and some dried mango, I was good to go!  I was still a little nervous about the HSPU's and at the athlete meeting they told us all that they would watch our handstand during the meeting with the judge and if they didnt think we were stable enough they might not let us do the WOD. I knew I was going to be able to get up there, but not sure what the actual HSPU was going to look like. Plus, i was concerned that if I was only going to get ONE I didnt want it to be one that didnt count!

I watched K do her heat after I did some light warming up, but I didnt see any other Rx heats. I kinda wanted it that way. I was going to do whatever I could and just work as hard as I could. It was the last WOD of the day. Eventually I was ready to go and on the floor. My judge asked me to demo my squat to be sure I was below 90, than a handstand. At that point I attempted a HSPU and failed it... but tried not to let it get in my head, I had 25 squats to get through. At the 3...2...1... GO I was all fired up. The squats felt good, but slow. Evetually M came over and was standing right in front of me... he yells "what are you doing? DROP." Apparently, he could see how slow moving I was too. With him there I pushed through the rest of the 25 squats much quicker than expected. Than it was time... time to get on that wall.

Here it was, I flipped up on the wall and continued to fail... over and over and over again... I let it get in my head. I hate that I do that. Eventually I muscled out ONE. After that I continued to work and work and work for the 3+ minutes I had... I could feel my face burning up and almost the welling of tears. I kept telling myself "keep fucking moving, you know you can do this." At the buzzer I was really upset. Not going to lie. I had only got ONE handstand pushup. After all that, all that practice, banging out all those reps at the gym!! What happened!! I gave A and P a high 5, grabbed my water and took off. I needed to just be alone for a minute. I walked up the hill, faught back the tears and took some deep breaths. There was NOTHING to be upset about. I was here, I was fighting, I never gave up. I just had to take the time to think about it, put aside the "additude" that I have always had when I dont do as well as I wanted... and just remember that I have come a long way. It was time to go back, put my chin up and cheer on the rest of my teammates.

When I returned I talked to ML and Hubs... let them know my frustration, but at the same time my satisfaction. Than I saw K. She asked how it went and I told her, "I got ONE lousy handstand pushup." She looked at me with a smile and said "Thats awesome, thats one more than you got the last time you practiced that WOD." That my friends is why I am lucky to have such great coaches and friends. Thats all I needed to hear.

The end of the day we were all exhausted and stinky... we all piled in the cars and headed home. Tomorrow is another day and we wanted to be ready to rock and roll!!

WOD#1 "Jackie"
- 1000m Row
- 50 Thrusters (45lbs)
- 30 Pullups
*11 Min Time Cap

WOD#2 "Back Squat HSPU"
1 Round for Time
- 25 Back Squat (155lbs)
- 25 Handstand Pushup
*5 Minute Time Cap
(25 + 1)

WOD#3 "Floater"
1 Round for Time
- 5 Deadlift (225 lbs)
- 6 Shuttle Runs (25yds)


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