Friday, September 21, 2012

Excuses will Always Be There

September 20, 2012

Whats that old saying... "excuses are like assholes, everybodys got one." Dosent it seem like that sometimes. I hear it so much especially when I talk about the paleo way of life. I dont really talk about it much anymore unless prompted and sometimes people notice that I might not eat what everyone else is eating or what not... but when the ask and I tell them that I dont eat bread, I dont eat grains, I dont eat dairy and I dont eat sugar their first response is usually that epic line "I could never give up my XYZ."

Than you have the people that load up on the excuses... They could never get up that early because there is no way they could get to bed early enough. They cant make it to the gym because they dont get out of work until whatever time and they have to go home and cook dinner for their husbands. They have too much to do with their kids. They dont have the time, they dont have the money... of course you also hear the good old, I have this or that injury so I could never lift weights. I have a bad knee, shoulder, back... I dont want to bulk up, I dont want my hands to get calloused, I dont want to go to a gym without air conditioning.... bla bla bla.

The fact of the matter is, if you want it, you will stop making excuses. I am not talking about competition here. I am not talking about 6 days a week training and giving up all of the favorite foods either... but I am talking about making the changes in your life that are necessary to make yourself happy. If you desire a smaller waist, more muscle, to be able to run or lift or even just play with your kids... you have to stop making excuses and get your ass in gear. The second you start throwing out the excuses as yo why you cant do something, you will never get over that roadblock.  Get the exercise you need, change your diet, stop making excuses.

I know this and I can say this because I was there. I would never just accuse people of this unless I knew what it was like. I have been the one standing in front of a mirror, or in a dressing room at a store, crying while looking at my body, than making up the excuse as to why I HAD to order a sub for dinner because it was "easy" or why I couldnt get my ass to the gym, even just two days a week. Than crying again that if I did get to gym for a month that it wasnt working, than convincing myself that I have to have 12 beers and chips and cheese dip because I would be rude if I didnt. Eventually, I was tired of the tears. I was tired of the yo-yo feeling... I was tired of the excuses and I changed my life. 

I dont talk about my husband much on this blog, well directly talk about him at least... but I am going to go ahead and do it here because this one deserves it. I have never ever been more proud of him than I have been in the last two weeks. Yes, the last year has been quite the amazing transformation, but in the last two weeks he was put to a major test due to an unfortunate injury and has just really made me so very proud of him.

I mentioned back in early September when we competed in Garage Games, Hubs unfortunately hurt himself right at the beginning of the second WOD. The cause of the injury is still not really not known, but its hindsight at this point... what matters is that he is ok and in the process of recovering. He has some sort of a calf strain which according to everything we read on line is somewhere between a 2nd and 3rd grade strain. Not good... and extremely painful. I had told him on the way home from the second day of Garage Games that he was "handling himself a lot better than I would be," which everyone who knows me knows is true if the tables were turned. It has to be hard to watch everyone else competing when you want to be. Not that getting angry or upset will change anything. That is in his nature though. He is a very compassionate and thoughtful person. Always there for other people and always the first person to cheer someone on and is overall extremely selfless.

Though he has always been all those things, there is a change in him. There is a fire in him and CrossFit has helped to put it there. The "old Hubs," had he been injured at the gym before we started CrossFit, would have had a very different outcome. The injury would have been on the forefront of his mind and there would be quite a few weeks of being upset and unhappy while it was healing. This guy... this "new Hubs" was not going to let this injury hold him back. He was at the gym two days later figuring out what he could do for alternate workouts, of course making sure he wasnt injuring himself more or preventing this from healing, but never ever giving up. He was not going to let this injury sideline him and he was not going to use it as an excuse. I could cry. I really could. I cant say it enough how proud I am and how happy I am to see how happy he is with what he is doing with his life. Our life.    

Rum 400m
3 Rounds
- 5 Burpees
- 10 Around the World
- 5 Wall Facing Squats
- 10 Hollow Rocks
- 5 Jumping Jacks
Run 400m

- 50 Hollow Rocks (20 additional after warmup) (day 11)
- Snatch Progression
- 1K Row @ 26/SPM (4:00)


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