Thursday, September 6, 2012

Convince Yourself

September 4, 2012

I was having a conversation with a friend on Sunday at a cookout Hubs and I attended about his schedule change for work. This was a difficult adjustment for him and his family, as he went from being the late in the day into overnight worker with his wife (my friend) working early morning into the afternoon to flip flopping roles so he is morning to day and she is evening to late. They have 3 children and working this type of schedule is what works for them so they dont have to put their kids in child care and one of them is always home with them. He said the biggest adjustment is that he was so used to not going to sleep until pretty late and not having to get up as early, to going to bed at 9 so he can get up in time for work with enough sleep. However, he knows... you have to do what you have to do and he might as well embrace it and "learn to deal" because thats the way it is going to be. If he wakes up everyday thinking about how miserable it is to get up that early and not have the same schedule he had before... well, it IS going to be miserable. We all know just being miserable about something isnt going to make it change.

With situations like that there is really nothing you can do about it (shy of getting a new job and totally rocking the boat). Before I started my current job I was working in Woburn. I was waking up at 5:00 every day to be out the door by 5:45 and at work by 7:00 every morning. When I started the job and I loved it, it was cake to get out of bed and motivate myself to get to work... eventually as my job started to get the best of me (and suck the life out of me) I started to drag myself out of bed. Poor hubs listened to me complain endlessly about how I hated getting up that early... I am so not a morning person... and it was just plain sucky. It made EVERYTHING in my life sucky. Moreso... I let it make everything else in my life sucky. I dragged ass to the gym somedays after work, if I didnt make an excuse that I was too tired, or prayed that there was no parking spaces available. I was grouchy every night and I just overall had a negative outlook. Things seemed to always look bad.

Fast forward to now. I wake up every morning, because I WANT to, at 4:45 and leave my house by 5:05 for the 5:30am WOD. I do it every day without a question. I dont complain, I dont drag ass... I get up and go. Why? Because I love what I am doing when I get there. Dont get me wrong, I am still SO not a morning person. I dont say much until I get going at the gym... but I am there with a smile! I make it a positive experience. I choose it. I choose to go and I love what awaits. It makes it a whole lot easier to get out of bed. I have to approach every morning with a new positive attitude and the determination to do well at everything I set out do do. Otherwise... its going to be a sucky day, a sucky experience, a sucky life.

Think about it. When you approach something with a positive attitude you have a totally different experience than if you go at it with a negative spin. How would you ever be able to accomplish anything if you didnt have any confidence that you could succeed at it? If you are constantly beating yourself up when you look in the mirror, when you get ready to start a WOD or when you are about to take a test, you will add stress to the situation and more often than not it will end up in failure. Its one thing to be hard on yourself to push yourself, but you have to remember to appreciate the accomplishments along the way.

Everyone has things that they arent crazy about doing. At the gym... my least favorite things could totally sink myself in a WOD if I let it. I have already talked about how much of a difference it has made in my performance simply by "embracing the suck" of running in a WOD. If I walk in thinking "this is going to be horrible" more than likely, it is going to be horrible. If I use that "fear" and "insecurity" about running as a positive and a fuel to be better... I will prevail. If I start to convince myself that "I love running" than maybe I will... who knows. I just know if I tell myself I can do it... I can do it... if I tell myeslf I cant, or I am not going to be good at it... well, I am not going to be. Attitude means so much.

Journal Menu (if you arent a "fan" of this page on FB... you should be) had a great little "article" and picture on their page the other day...

"...Your attitude drives everything, if you think you are dying in the WOD, then you start to crumble. Maybe not all at once, but slowly your face will frown, your posture will hunch over and your muscles will scream, then you really have no chance..." 

They go on to talk about how to use that moment as a change to prove yourself to yourself. To take control and use the "suck" as motivation to get better. To learn how to suck it up and to push through it and finish fast. I agree with their claim that sometimes you just have to plaster a smile on your face and pretend you like it... maybe it will result in a faster time, heavier weight or more reps. 

If you never try... you will never know. So SMILE and WOD on!

Row 500m
3 Rounds
- 5 Inchworms
- 10 Back Extensions
- 5 Man Makers (each side)
- 10 Grasshoppers
Row 500m

WOD: Easy E
TABATA Style for Time
20 Sec on 10 Sec off until all exercises are completed
- 50 GHD Situps
- 40 Push Press (65)
- 30 Toes to Bar
- 20 Burpees
- 10 Muscle Ups (subbed 20 Chest to Bars and 20 Dips @ GHD)

Back Squat 3-3-3+
155, 175, 235 (1)  <--- mishap with my Wendler shouldn't have been this heavy

Challenge Day 16
Post WOD: Shake
Breakfast: 1oz Pumpkin Seeds, 2 Egg Muffins, 3 Slices of TGI Paleo Bread, 12 oz Green Tea
Snack 1: 2oz Boars Head Nitrate Free Turkey, 1/2 Avocado, 1 Tomato, 12 oz Green Tea
Lunch: 3 oz Chicken with Anti-Pasta-Salad and 1/3 cup of Coconut Milk
Dinner: 3 oz Flank Steak and Butternut Squash
Snack 2: 2oz Boars Head All Natural Turkey with 1 tbsp of olive oil mayo and 1/2 an Avocado on Romaine


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