Friday, September 14, 2012

Be Proud

September 10, 2012

Recovery day today. Slept from 9:00 last night until 6:30 this morning! Well needed rest and 7:30 mobility session at CFW with the Birthday Girl! Left the gym went to the bank, BJ's and Hannaford... not much relaxation as we need to get the things done today that we typically do on Sundays for the week. Hubs is feeling a bit better, but not going to walk around a grocery store! I am feeling good and ready to WOD tomorrow morning!

Some quick updates... today started our 30 day Hollow Rock Challenge at CFW. That is 50 hollow rocks a day for the next 30 days. K and M have been asked what the "prize" is by many... their answer? "A stronger core, heavier lifts... and maybe a 6 pack (even if its under a protective layer)!!" Last year when we started at CFW I remember the hollow rock challenge happening. I was overwhelmed and just getting into the program so I didnt participate. This year, I am in. Day one.. today. Check!

Second update is the sugar and paleo challenge Hubs and I were doing. We have decided to end it early. We knew the weekend of Garage Games we would need to veer from it, but we talked about it a lot and neither one of us in the 20 days we did it noticed any results. We are already pretty much sugar free, just maybe one serving of sugar a day and the occasional honey or agave treat in paleo goodie... so eliminating that did pretty much nothing. I saw no difference in my body, weight, weight lifting, size or anything else through this period... so I think we can safely say that we are pretty accurate with our diet without a challenge. If and when the gym does another Paleo Challenge, we will partake for sure!  Its a fun challenge!

I have however decided after talking to Hubs and M about my diet a bit, to add some more protein to each of my meals. I have increased my strength a bit, but havent changed my diet in months. I am hoping that with a little added protein to each day I will be able to kick that up a bit. Zone and Paleo are tricky things. I need to be sure that I am getting enough fat and protein for my muscle growth and strength development. So... I have a few weeks to test the theory. We shall see.

200m Run

Lax Ball
Banded Hamstring
Couch Stretch
(need I go on?)

50 Hollow Rocks (day 1)


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