Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What Am I Doing?

August 2, 2012

Use your energy for the right purpose if its a good day, channel it... if its a bad day... channel it. 

I decided to go to the gym this morning because I have a work function to go to today after work. I didnt want to miss my skill session since I know it makes me have a pretty lousy day. The problem I am having is that while I know what I have to work on, I struggle with what to actually work on on these skill days. Sometimes on a Thursday night I will do the warmup posted than go for a run, or do a "death by" workout... but I feel like I am losing steam with creativity! I dont like that! 

So when I got there this morning I decided to do the deadlifts that were the skill session for the workout. Normally I dont lift heavy things on my skill day (unless its myself to the pullup bar or something)... but I couldnt resist, I can never resist, a good deadlift session. I was feeling a little glum since I couldnt figure out what to do, so I used that as ammo for my lifting session.

I did the warmup than loaded up the bar with everyone else. Right in the middle of it M came over and questioned what I was doing on my skill day. I know I was in the "wrong" but I do need a little work on the form on my deadlift so I thought I was ok. I mentioned to him that I was struggling to come up with what I should be doing on my skill days. The fact that I know what I need to work on isnt the problem, its the fact that I cant seem to correct it on my own so its really hard to do a skill session without someone watching. I dont expect to be watched through it since K and M have their hands full with the growing classes, and skill sessions are sort of "extra."  Plus I just needed some guidance as to how to actually work on these things.

Lucky for me I have the best coaches you could ask for. M took the time to talk to me and we deicded together what I should be doing for my skill days. It sort of gives me less anxiety  about going to the gym without a "plan of attack." Plus, it makes me more comfortable knowing that what I will be working on wouldnt be a waste.

I was going to stop my deadlifts (they were actually a lot lighter than I should have been working) but M told me to continue since we had a pretty light week of strength training. I was also going to miss this weekend for our trip to North Conway. When I was finished I worked a but on the position snatches with the PVC than with the 15lb bar while everyone else did the WOD. It was fun to watch and cheer everyone on and I was glad that I got a good skill session and workout on, on my own. Next Thursday will be the "test" where I get to see how well I can work on my own. 

A good workout always puts me in a better mood than I was when I got there! Today was a great day! 

2 Rounds
- Row 250m
- 10 Spiderman
- 10 Pistols
- 1 Rope Climb
- 10 Toy Soldiers
Group: Deadlift

- Deadlift 5-5-5
165, 175. 185
- 3 Position Snatch
w/PVC 3 X 5
w/15lb 3 X 5
- Snatch Balance
w/PVC 3 X 5
w/15lb 3 X 5


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