Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Trip Review

August 4, 2012

What is a day in North Conway like with 2 crazies...

4:00-6:00am: We both had tossed and turned pretty much the entire night after we had arrived late and slipped into the Cramore Mountain Lodge Bed and Breakfast trying not to wake the entire place since the walls seemed to be pretty thin... neither of us wanted to actually get out of bed that early so we just laid there waiting for the alarm to go off that we had set for 8:00am.

8:00am: Finally got out of bed and went down to enjoy the start of our "non paleo" entire day of eating at the dining room in the bed and breakfast. I had ordered some ricotta scrambled eggs with tomatos on one slice of toast and two slices of bacon. It was delish, we could really tell that the ingredients were fresh and local, the eggs and bacon as well. Really enjoyable and even the coffee was good!  I would say that is one thing that was really nice about this B&B, diffrent from others we have stayed at. They gave us a choice of what we wanted for breakfast.

9:30am: We headed down town in search of "The Met." Hubs and I have a little obsession with looking up everywhere we want to try before going on a trip so we are sure not to miss anything. This little place caught our eye and we wanted to see what it was all about. The lattes were YUMMY... but in all honestly, sooooo sweet it was hard to finish. Going from black coffee to that, yowza!

After I took a pic of him "chillin with his peep" he caught me red handed posting it to my facebook page...

10:30am-ish: We headed to the outlets... shopping was quite lack luster for me but hubs walked away with pants in a size he hasnt bought since we got married (7 years ago). It was so exciting for both of us! I certainly know what its like to see that number drop and he is working right along side of me! These are the moments when we know our hard work and dedication are paying off!!

1:30pm-ish: It was grumble in the tummy time! Off to check out Flat Bread Pizza!! Holy Moses, this place was amazing. I know they have them around home too, but we havent been and since we dont normally eat grains pizza isnt a go-to anymore. We go two small pizzas and split them because we couldnt decide on what we wanted. They were to die for. We used to eat pizza all the time, this was off the charts!

3:00pm: Tuckermans Brewery. Well... it was a short tour... but they had lots of beer to sample! It was pretty good too!!

5:00pm: Off to play mini golf. Poor Hubs... I am probably one of the most competitive people on the planet, and today I was being a poor loser. Of course I had to over exaggerate the aggravation that I was feeling that he was getting "lucky" on his shots. So, after the first round (that I lost) I challenged him right away to a rematch at another place... I lost again... good thing it wasnt our first date... I kid, I kid...

7:00pm: When all else fails... take Sarah and Hubs to a Smoke House Brewery... thats where we went for dinner, Moat Mountain. This place was packed. People waiting outside and down the walkway. We went in and sat at the bar to get a taste! The beers were great and the restaurant itself was pretty cool. Nice big bar and it didnt really feel as packed as it was. We sat down at a table for dinner, had a fantastic meal and of course a full sampler of the 6 brews they have on tap. Totally worth it!

Overall we had an great day! The weather was great, the places we chose to visit were great and we had a lot of fun! I know lots of people go up to N. Conway often and I would totally go back!!

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