Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Right Stuff

July 29, 2012

My mom and I went to go see Billy Elliot at the Opera House in Boston today!! Let me tell you something, the little boy that played Billy in this show was phenomenal. In fact, all of the children in this performance really blew my mind. He was only 10 years old and he tore up the stage and belted out songs like he had been doing it since he was in the womb. He hailed from Massachusetts, so it was exciting to be at the performance where he had people that knew him in the audience. It must have been so exciting for him to be on his own turf staring in a Broadway show!! Having been a dancer (never a singer, thats not even something you want to hear me do in the shower...) I can totally relate to these performers. I think thats one of the reasons why I dont have a problem with CF Comps, there isnt an ounce of "stage fright" in my body. 

Performing, dancing, being on the stage is something I miss so much. It was a huge part of my life for 25 years! When I was in college it was so fun to actually run the shows. Putting it all together and watching the night unfold was magic. Having my own dances that I choreographed dance across the stage and get cheers. Even when I taught my competition girls for the studio I worked for while in college... it was a dream come true to see them win medals with dances I put together. Granted it was their dancing that got them the medal, but they couldnt have done it if I didnt provide them with the tools to be successful.

Segway to CrossFit... 

What an amazing family, support system, facility and coaching staff we have at CrossFit Wachusett! On top of that there is a humongous international crossfit community just waiting to give advice (wanted or not) and help people improve and be the best athlete that they can be!! I could excel or perform at the top of my game at a competition or even just in a WOD in the gym, but I owe a huge portion of my successes and advancements to my coaches. They have educated themselves and dedicated their time, put together a fantastic well equipped box (TWSS) and provided a facility that I could never have dreamed to be a part of in just a short time. If it wasnt for them, I wouldnt be where I am in my CF Adventure today. 

With a group of people starting up this week we are all excited to watch our family grow. Its so exciting to see people grow, change and become confident in themselves. Welcome to CFW, you will NOT be disappointed!! You might be sore... but you wont be disappointed!!



  1. I stumbled upon your blog and it's a great read for someone looking to try Crossfit. Everyone seems so inviting to newbies which makes me want to try it even more!

  2. Thanks Donna!! Its great to hear from new readers!! One of the best things about crossfit is the community and support from the coaches and members in your box!! Give it a shot and dont forget to ask questions!! Good luck starting CrossFit! You wont be sorry!