Monday, August 13, 2012


August 10, 2012

Everyone has times when they feel like they just cant go on. Everyone has mornings where they dont want to get out of bed. Everyone has moments where they feel like they cant do anything right, everything seems to go wrong or they cant just seem to find which way is up. No matter how many times you tell yourself that you will not let the "little things" bother you, sometimes they all start to add up and you feel so entirely overwhelmed that you just want to shut down and call it a night, sometimes before your feet even hit the floor.

Its a far stretch to think that life is possible without those things. We dont mean to have days like that, we dont want to have days like that... but we all know that not everyones life is perfect. Even the happiest person in the world has something to complain or be unhappy about.

Whats the most important thing for me to remember is that while I sometimes feel those things, there are many more days that these are the farthest thoughts in the world from mine. That there is SO MUCH reason for me to get out of bed, so much reason for me to reach for my goals and so much reason to just be alive and be ME.

Nope, every day isnt perfect. I may get in an argument with my husband, I may talk to a friend who is going through a tough time, I may find out someone I know is ill or that they have passed away. We never know what is going to happen. A day could be going amazing than WHAMMO, you could be slammed with any one of these (or many more) situations.

There may be no script for life, but we all have rolls to fill. We all have purpose in life. I know what my role is... most of the time. Other times, it might take some figuring out... but I will get there. It may be a shoulder to cry on, it might be the voice of reason, it might be to make someone laugh or to break the "truth" to them. Who knows... but there is purpose. Some days suck, some days you have a fight, some days you make up... but just know that there is a purpose to every day, so wake up, put your feet on the ground, get you ass moving and never give up.

Today would have been my brothers 34th birthday. I can think of all the reasons in the world to pack it in and be a drone on August 10th. Every year this day rolls around and every year I feel like the part of my heart that misses him every minute of every day just wrenches and wrenches a little more out of my chest than it normally does. Its a pain that will never go away, and I dont want it to, it reminds me just how real it is... how short my life could be... how I never know how much time I have left. I could just lay there. I could take a vacation day from work, skip the gym and do nothing all day... but today I take my own words in big bites for breakfast. I decided that every smile that crosses my face, every laugh that comes out of my mouth and every breath from my lungs is for my big brother today. He gives me purpose, he is why I got out of bed. 

3 Rounds
- 20 Double Unders
- 4 Turkish Get-Ups
- 6 Ring Rows
- 8 Step Ups
- 6 PVC Thrusters
- 4 Inchworms
Group: Burgener

8 Rounds @ Each Station 20s on 10s off
1 Minute Rest Btwn Stations
- HSPU (1 abmat and 15lb plate)
- Strict Pullups
- Wall Balls (14)
- Hand Stand Shoulder Touches
(19, 23, 72, 39 = 153)

Squat 3-3-3+
155 (3), 165 (3), 175 (8)


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