Monday, August 27, 2012

Its Everything

August 26, 2012

Found this... and I could have written it myself. Good to know I am not alone!

Sunday... rest and relaxation!

Challenge Day 7
Breakfast: 3 Eggs (over easy) and Bacon, Artichoke and Brussel Sprout "hash" and 2 Cups Black Coffee
Lunch: 2 oz Boars Head All Natural Tuscan Turkey, 2 oz Boars Head Nitrate Free Ham on romaine with 2 tbsp olive oil mayo.
Snack 1: Handful of Pumpkin Seeds
Dinner: 4oz Wild Caught Salmon with Asparagus
Snack 2: 1 Sweet Potato Muffin with no chocolate chips or raisins



  1. Ok, trade you - protein bar recipe for you to post for that artichoke & brussels hash recipe. :)
    - Beth

  2. Beth... I will have to ask Hubs :) He made it... I just ate it! There was no recipe, it was what we had leftover in the fridge from the week, but I am sure he can tell you what he did! I would love the protein bar recipe though! They were good!