Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I was RUNNING...

August 15, 2012

Man, running is just not my strong suit. Its like a mental block that I am trying to get past. I have never been a "runner." When I was a kid I loved to play and run outside. My mom always joked that I would be a track runner. When I was about to go into the 9th grade (yay high school...) some of the girls from the high school cross country team showed up at our school to talk about joining for our freshman year. I had absolutely no idea what Cross Country was... and when I asked I was told it was "running." Like any other kid who enjoyed running around I thought... "cool, running... must be like track" and I signed myself up!

Holy bageebus was I in for it. I showed up for my first practice and the coach said "ok guys, go do the mile loop for a warmup." Hahahahahaha... a WHAT? A mile warmup, are you out of your f@#King mind!? Well, apparently, cross country and track (at least my idea of track) had NOTHING in common except the fact that you wore sneakers. I am never one to not accept a challenge. Even back then. Plus I was taught if you sign up for something you follow through and dont quit, so I suffered through the whole season. Practice after practice of miles and miles of running. I dont think I enjoyed ONE of them. The races were pitiful and my stamina never got better. Not sure why I did it, but I signed up for it for a second season my sophomore year. It did not get better!

I did however "run" track. I say it that way because I was actually a "thrower." Myself and my best friend Ali were both shot put throwers in both indoor and spring track and discus throwers in spring. My horrid embarrassing two seasons of cross country running had pretty much killed my desire to be a runner. Took all the "fun" out of it for me... I was terrible at it. During track, all of our practices involved at most a mile warmup and the most we ran for endurance was a couple of 400m jogs or something like that. We were the "weighties" and we spent time tossing med balls or doing box jumps and squats. I was in my realm. Happily NOT running...

Not sure where the wind started to change direction, but I am really trying to fight the urge to "hate" running now. Its always been such a thorn in my side that its easy to use it as a crutch. Seeing as how I want to get better at every aspect of CrossFit that I can... that involves running. To do so, I have to change my mind. I have to get myself into a positive place when I am about to take on a running WOD, or participate in a race. I dont have to "love" it, but I do have to work on it. I do have to get better at it... and maybe if I get better at it and learn all the things I should have learned back when I was in high school... I might actually like it.

I have done a few 5K's now and its really helping get the drive that I need to get better. Not shockingly, similar to how I feel about beating my last time in a WOD that may or may not involve running, I feel like I have to beat my last time every time I enter into a 5K. I look at it as a challenge... one that the "new me" must accept and conquer and finish with a smile... looking forward to the next time. The Turkey Trot last year really put things into perspective. When I was done with that "ridiculous" 5 mile race... I was so proud of myself. Its an amazing feeling. Never once did I think "I cant do this."

Today when I approached the WOD, which of course involved running... my first thought was "I hate running." I wanted to punch myself... I was mad that I let myself think that before I even gave it a shot. Having said that, I was aware that it was a BAD attitude and I needed to fix it in order to do well (for no one but myself) in the WOD. I quickly changed my mindset to "push as hard as you can and you wont be dissapointed." Thats exactly what I did. I worked my ass off, pushed myself and I am really happy with my time.

This picture popped up on my facebook feed today... oddly enough. Puts some things into perspective and really gives me all the motivation I need to approach my running differently. Running is a simple gift that I take for granted... I can do it. I will do it... and I will get better at it.

2 Minutes of Double Unders
3 Rounds
- 10 Back Extensions
- 10 Med Ball Cleans
- 10 Ring Rows
- 10 Mountain Climbers

WOD: Biathalon
for time
- 800m Run
- 1000m Row
- 800m Run
(12:51 Rx)

OH Press 5-3-1+
(Wendler Cycle 3, Week 3 - Based off 100lb 1RM)
70 (5), 80 (3), 90 (3)


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