Friday, August 17, 2012


August 17, 2012

Whats that saying? If at first you dont succeed....

CrossFit is amazing (have I mentioned that?). Every day I learn something new about myself. Some days I feel like an animal, some days I feel like I am indestructible. Some days I feel like I am a mess, some days extremely frustrated and of course there are the days that I am totally humbled... but everyday, every single day, I feel inspired. Not just by the remarkable coaching that I have, but by the skills, personalities and drive that I see in so many faces at CrossFit Wachusett. Newbie and Veteran the like, everyone is giving it their all to better themselves and being a part of that is truly one of the best experiences of my life.

Today was one of those days where I knew I was going to struggle with a part of the WOD. My shoulders have been getting the crap kicked out of them for the last few weeks and I have just been pushing onward through the soreness like I typically do. Nothing is in danger of being injured, its just "common" soreness that occurs when you work muscle groups like we have been doing (yes Mom, I am being careful). The last few times we have done Handstand Pushups I have been struggling with my timing for the kip. I want to get down to at least one ambat, but I need to get down the timing to do so. M wanted me to "challenge" myself so rather than the 2 abmats that are my "go to" on the HSPU I went for 1 and a 15lb plate.

I was pretty proud of myself. I made it through the first two of the three rounds completing all 9 of the hand stand pushups without coming off the wall. BIG accomplishment for me. It was pretty tough going from the GHD situps over to the wall to do handstands simply because of the headrush that results in 15 GHD situps as quickly as possible, but I shook it off and got up there. The third round was the struggle where I started to feel like I hit the wall (no pun intended). I came down after the first 3, did the second set of 4 and came down and couldnt for the life of me get those last two. After two failed attempts I grabbed the 2nd abmat, pushed away the 15lb plate and got the last two HSPUs. Talk about frustrating!

I used every ounce of focus I had to keep all three sets of OH Squats unbroken. Those and the GHD's were my "strong" suit in this WOD, so I knew in order to keep moving these had to be spot on using as much time as I needed on the HSPU. The hardest part was the wrist flexibility for the OH Squat. The combination of the pressing on the floor for the handstands and the wide grip for the OH squat was killer on the wrists. I kept focused and knew it wasnt my legs or my arms, it was just my wrists and I could push through the pain. Thats what I did.

Now that its all said and done, I am really happy with my performance. I know that if I keep working on those HSPU, just like everything else that I struggle with, they will come. In time I will be able to do the things that I havent been able to do... improvement is inevitable if you just keep on forging ahead. What fun would it be if everyone could do everything the first time they try it... or even the second, third... tenth... hundredth... working towards a goal is what keeps the passion and fire alive.

Everyone struggles... even those who have been at it for a while... even those who are Games athletes have struggles... thats what makes us human, thats what makes it fun! Its those that never give up, that push through are those that understand what it takes that come out on top.

Just because I couldnt do it today... dosent mean I cant do it someday!

3 Rounds
- 200m Jog
- 10 Wall Squats
- 10 Spiderman
- 5 Pullups
- 5 Pushups
Group: OH Squat

WOD: Revival
3 Rounds for Time
- 9 HSPU (1 abmat and 15lb plate)
- 12 OH Squat (65)
- 15 GHD Situps
(my time 7:23)

Rope Climbs 3 X 3



  1. I guess it will be a little while before I get to meet you. Knowing I have had shoulder issues in the past I have been nervous about handstand pushups so I decided to just attempt a handstand on my own at home on Thursday. Well after doing a couple and feeling pretty good, I kicked up and went too high, I ended up collapsing on my left side and broke my arm above my elbow. So mad at myself! I hope to start once again after I'm healed.

  2. Oh no Donna!! I am so sorry to hear that you broke your arm!! That is no good at all!! The bright side is, when you come back everything can be modified to be sure that you have a full recovery and still get your workout in!! I hope you are not in too much pain!! Stick with it and come back when you feel ready!!