Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Busy Bee

August 6, 2012

Damn, I am busy as hell. I am busy at work, I am busy at home... I feel like I just cant shut my brain off. These are times in the past that I would just totally shut down. I cant tell you how differently I handle stress now. I have learned how to slow myself down (still a work in progress) and face the task at hand before jumping to major conclusions.

When I start to get overwhelmed I have been taking a step back. I have really been thinking a lot about how to handle myself in certain situations. What is worth getting worked up about, what isnt. How do I handle things that go badly that I wanted to go a different way. How do I handle the loss of a loved one or hearing that another friend is expecting a baby. Life changes so fast right before your eyes and if you dont take it all in and life in the moment before you know it, it will pass you by. This used to bother me a lot. Change. Life changing, my friends changing... all of us seeming to "grow up" and doing things with our lives that we didnt think about 5 or 10 years ago. However I have to realize that I am changing too... I am growing up too... and sometimes the things I wanted years ago are just things that I dont want at all anymore. Thats ok.

Summers are always crazy... of course winters are always crazy too. I am a planner by nature so I make Hubs insane planning weekends away, weekends with friends, dinner with my or his parents, it never ends. I cant help myself. I just dont like to be alone and I dont like to have nothing to do! A lifetime with my friends and family is what is in my future!!

Thankfully I have the best place in the world to get out my frustrations, clear my head and really just be "alone" but not alone at all. When the alarm goes off to get to the gym there isnt a second of doubt that I am going to get out of that bed. Nothing beats the way I feel before during and after a workout. It totally de-stresses me and preps me for the day to come. I feel indestructible when I am there, good workouts, hard workouts... you name it. The harder the better, the more sweat the better.

I work everyday for the results that I have, the mindset that I have and the commitment that I have made.

Todays WOD was both hard and enjoyable... everything I love in a day at the gym. Those, hurt so good moments that I thive for. Thats what keeps me going!

3 Rounds
- Run 200m
- 10 Wall Facing Squats
- 8 Abmat Situps
- 6 Burpees
- 4 Hand Stand Shoulder Touches
Group: WOD Movement Review

WOD: "Holy Diver"
3 Rounds for Time
- 20 Close Grip Jumping Pullups
- 10 Front Rack Barbell Lunge (95lbs)
- 20 Toes to Bar
(my time 8:52 Rx)

OH Press 3-3-3+
85 (3), 90 (3), 95 (1)  <---- too heavy on this one... need to get that app working! 

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