Wednesday, August 22, 2012


August 19, 2012

Here's some advice that everyone should live by... take it or "leaf" it... I know, I know... (couldnt resist)

Hubs and I went camping this weekend. I have to say we did a remarkable job packing food this time around. We didnt overpack and go home with loads of leftovers and we didnt underpack so we were hungry. We were able to maintain a pretty normal weekend routine and just cook on the grill... nevermind the bacon chocolate chip cookie smores we made on Saturday night (they were delightful)!

Unfortunatly, we didnt have the best weather for our camping extravaganza... and we left our poor air mattress behind for the "air mattress gods" that come and pick up the trash at the sites where we were camping... if someone could develop an air mattress that lasts a few years without some sort of microscopic hole allowing air to escape in the middle of the night and leave hubs on the ground and me two feet in the air balancing on the edge of the mattress for fear that if I roll I would roll down the side of the mattress and just boot him right off the edge... that would be SWELL!  Until then, I think we might forgo the single air mattress while camping. Needless to say, the actual moments of sleep were few and far between for both of us.

The sun came out (finally) around 4:30 Saturday afternoon. We were able (along with my friend B and her man A) to go check out the beautiful campground! This place was great and I will certainly be booking another trip there for a hopefully sunny week(end) at some point. A great lake and clean grounds with lots of activities! It would be great for a group of people or just a weekend away!

Sunday we were able to spend a little time on the beach than pack up and head home. We leave Sundays as our "prep" days usually so the longer we stayed the longer we would have to be doing everything to get ready for the week at home.

As usually the weekend went by WAY to fast and I wish I got to spend more time with B! She makes my heart warm and puts a smile on my face!! We dont get to see each very often and its pretty rare to have a friend still in your life that you met in the 5th grade!! Until next time B! Love Ya!


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