Wednesday, August 8, 2012

365 Days

August 8, 2012

I had absolutely no idea when I completed and logged my very first crosfit WOD into my notebook last year... a year ago today... what I was getting myself into. I mean I knew that I was ready for a change and I knew that I was going to give this whole "crossfit thing" a shot... but never did I think it was going to have the impact on my life that it has. When I completed that WOD I remember being sweaty and tired and thinking to myself how much I really want to make a change in my life physically. How the ball was in my court and that the tools were here, I just had to use them. I was not going to give this up and I was determined to stick with it. What I didnt realize was how much it would change me mentally in the process.

In the last year I have changed more than I think I even can comprehend. Inside and outside, mind body and soul... everything has changed. I feel like I look at things with a new light. I know it sounds crazy but something clicked inside me through this whole process. In a nut shell, I feel like though the "old me" could set goals and reach them, but the "new me" has a whole new way of approaching those goals. I think first and formost, I am not afraid. I have been through so many emotions in the last year and I am not afraid to face anything that life has in store for me. Why CrossFit has any impact on that you ask? Why couldnt that just develop on its own? Well, I face a challenge every day. I challenge myself, I choose to challenge myself, I make all my own choices, I push only as hard as my mind will allow me to go and CrossFit has allowed me to push further than I have ever imagined. Its help to show me what I am capable of. I have put myself in some really uncomfortable places and come out on top. CrossFit did that for me.

I have learned to slow down and take in every single day. I wake up and make a choice to get moving, to start positive, to keep my head high and forge ahead. If I choose to address the day with downward eyes, all I am going to see is black. My life is good, why let it pass every day without enjoying it? Someday I will look back and think "yep, I did what I wanted to do and I am proud and happy with those choices." I have learned to let go of how tired and upset with myself I was for the lack of control I showed in years past. However, I have realized that I could "want" what I have for years and years and years but I would never get it. I had to decide that it was time to stop wanting and go get it!

Lucky for me and Hubs saying "wanna give this a shot this weekend" a year ago... we found our home at CrossFit Wachusett. In that, we didnt just find a gym with rowers, GHD's, kettlebells and weights... we found a family, a community, friends, acquaintances and a whole NATIONAL world of people who support one another, help one another, encourage one another... and hey whats a good relationship without some competition. You can not find a better support system that what you find at a CrossFit gym. Plain and simple.

We have traveled to other crossfit gyms. We have had a throwdown with another local gym. We have been to a few competitions at various gyms around Massachusetts and Connecticut and with each we meet new people, make new friends and have the chance to see how even though each CrossFit gym is different. We are all the same. The community is amazing, welcoming and energetic. Again its a feeling that you continue to crave every day.

Hubs has been one of my biggest supporters, as I his. I know that having both of us completly invested in our health and well being has made a huge impact. We dont workout together most of the time, but we know what eachother is going through and can relate/sympathize and congratulate. We have worked very hard to clean up our way of eating and maintain a pretty healthy 90% Paleo lifestyle. If it wasnt for him... that would be impossible for me. Going through this together has been pretty awesome.

I cant stress enough what a workout at CrossFit Wachusett is like. K and M are amazing coaches and you can really feel their investment in not only making sure we have the best gym possible, but making sure that they are giving everyone attention, direction and encouragement. People think the general crossfit world is insane to pay the various money that people pay for a crossfit membership. Let me tell you, the coaching... you cant even put a price on it. K and M have made me believe in myself in more ways I thought possible. They have an energy about them that is contagious and it makes you just want to keep going, faster, heavier, longer... its the motivation from coaches like them who really stand for what crossfit is all about.

In addition to the coaches we have made so many great friends. Back when we first started I was usually alone in the morning. Than I met T and he and I have been racing the clock since than! Through the months as our family grew at CFW and we moved to Fitchburg and even still more joined and to this day its so exciting to see a new face at the gym at 5:30 am... if they dare.... or on a Saturday morning! We all come from different places but we all are out for the same thing. A better, healthier "self." We share our stories, help each other out and very quickly the "noobie" is not feeling so new anymore! A personal goal for one person feels like a personal goal for all of us!

I am proud of my husband for making it this whole year with me, his accomplishments are super grand as well. He has come a long way in his physical appearance and mental attitude and I cant be happier to be a part of that. It makes me smile when he gets excited about his hard work paying off.

I am proud of myself. I have fully 100% committed to this. When times were hard I kept going forward, when I feel frustrated I seek out Hubs, KP, K, M or someone else at the gym to help push me through it. I have not missed one workout in a year... not because I was too tired, too sick or didnt have the time... I think I can finally say that I didnt just want it... I DID it.

365 days, 40lbs, 23 inches, 3 pant sizes... and I have never mentally and physically felt better in my life.

Thank you CrossFit for giving me the tools to help me change my life.

3 Rounds
- 20 Lunges
- 10 Inchworms
- 10 Med Ball Russian Twists
- 5 Ring Rows
Group: OH Squat

WOD: "Nancy"
5 Rounds for Time
- 15 OH Squats (65lbs)
- 400m Run
(my time 14:24 Rx <--- Beat 4/16 by 1:08)

Death By Hand Release Pushups
(worked in multiples of 2 got up to the
16's and attempted the 18's failed at 14 reps)


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