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June 12, 2012

Sometimes in life you feel like you have to go backwards to go forwards. In order to accomplish a goal you must take a step back re-evaluate than go in for the kill again. There are also times you have to step back and slowly progress back to the goal in order to fully understand the process to the final result. There is certainly a feeling of failure built into this happening. You cant help but feel like you shouldnt have to regress, that you should always be going forward. In reality this should happen a lot more than it does. Instead lots of time "you" bang your head against the wall just pushing and pushing for a result when you are so close... ahhh human nature, dont ya love it.

There are lots and lots of directions involved in going forward. No matter what it is you are trying to succeed at; your job, school, work, friendship, relationships, exercise, weight loss... there are going to be downs, struggles, confusion, tears, frustration and loss, but on the other hand there will be successes, smiles, handshakes, laughter and proud moments... very proud moments. These are the times that will make you happy you went through the "bad" to get the "good."

Whats the point? It wouldnt be my writing if I didnt relate this all back to crossfit... so here goes. Today the WOD included handstand push ups. While I have been working very hard on my kipping HSPUs I decided today (with a littler persuasion from K) that I should use the green bands for them to work on the full range of motion. When I kip against the wall I usually use two abmats under my head, this allows a little less range of motion and I am able to complete plenty of reps. However, as I said I am missing a part of the range of motion in doing so. I agreed with K that I should use the bands understanding that it was not a set back, but a key ingredient in making forward progress.

Keep your head high and your sights forward and you will continue to move in the direction you desire!

Row 500m
2 Rounds
- 5 Pullups
- 10 Inchworms
- 10 Spidermans
- 5 Wall Squats
Row 500m
Group: Burgerner

WOD: "Same as the First"
3 Rounds for Time
- 3 Cleans (95)
- 6 HSPU (Strict with Green Bands)
- 12 Squats
(my time 2:34)

3 Snatches on the minute for 10 minutes


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