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Muscle does not weight more...

May 23, 2012

So here is the deal… a pound is a pound. A pound of feathers weighs exactly the same as a pound of bricks…. There are going to be a hell of a lot more feathers than brick… but a pound is a pound.

I am so tired of hearing the phrase “muscle weighs more than fat.” This is not true… a pound of fat weighs a pound… a pound of muscle… weighs what… say it with me now… a POUND. The difference is, the amount of space that is taken up by a pound of muscle is significantly less than that of a pound of fat (think about the brick and feather analogy here).

What people mean (I think) when they say that “muscle weighs more than fat” is that you can be a smaller person and weigh more, or the same as a larger person because you may be more muscular than them, that just by looking at someone you cant tell how much muscle they have in a lot of cases. What is really funny is that people often say that, but don’t apply it to themselves.They dont look in the mirror and see the changes, they are fixated on the scale... those three little numbers (yes there should be 3 numbers unless you are a child)... GET OVER IT!

My body is changing for sure, honestly I haven’t stood on the scale in weeks. Having made the adjustment and adding the zone measuring system to my already pretty paleo diet things are changing all over the place. I am feeling as if I am leaning out and even if the number on the scale isnt moving that dosent mean that things are getting better on the inside. I feel excellent. I am not tired, I am not sluggish, I have not struggled through any workouts or getting out of bed. I have been sleeping better and I have just changed my overall attitude. The only thing I am still really struggling with is my skin… its horrid. Funny because most of what I read said that when people went paleo their skin cleared up… not me man, its worse than ever!

I am thrilled with the changes that have happened with my body. I can look in the mirror and be proud of my body. That feeling doesn’t come overnight!

P.S. If anyone has an recommendations about ways to clear up my skin I am listening! 

3 Rounds
- 20 Walking Lunges
- 15 Hollow Rocks
- 10 Back Extensions
- 5 Ring Rows
2 Min Pigeon Stretch (each leg)
Group: Clean

WOD: Cumulus
5 Rounds for Time (35 Min Cap)
- 30 Calorie Row
- 20 Cleans (75lbs)
- 20 Pullups
(4+61 Rx)


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