Monday, June 4, 2012

Hunger Pains

May 26, 2012

Day two of the New England Regional did not disappoint! First of all, HUGE HUGE HUGE kudos to all the athletes who competed in the heat. My god was it hot today.  Reebok did a remarkable job making sure that the athletes had water, coconut water and food and they also had fan misters and ice baths for anyone who wanted to partake after their WODs. I have to say, being a “staff” member for this event was a pleasure. They not only understood that you were there to volunteer, but that you probably wanted to watch what was going on in the WOD’s as well. They were more than happy if you wanted to sit out for an event change out as long as you had someone to “cover your job.” They made sure that we were fed and hydrated throughout he day and even provided sunblock for us which was nice! I will say Friday morning was a little chaotic trying to figure out where people were needed and what we would be doing, but Saturday Hubs and I just returned to where we were on Friday and jumped right back into the mix setting things up and getting ready for the WODs.  We were happy to return to work with the people we did on Friday and since it was Saturday now, we had some new help, which was more than welcome when walking around with those platforms!

It was another outstanding day. We were able to meet a lot of really wonderful people and athletes! I talked about the comradery of the athletes on Friday and it just continued through the whole weekend. Its unbelievable to watch it all unfold in front of your eyes. The community that comes together at a CrossFit event just really makes me so proud that I am a part of it.

Today was empowering. When Hubs and I stood back and watched all of the WODs and all of the talent we started to get hungry… hungry for the future, hungry for the competition in June, hungry for the Best of the East in September… and most of all hungry for the chance next year in competing in the Open and the potential to get a team qualified for the games!! When we look at the teams that are competing you can see how well they work together. You can see how when one struggles it makes the others struggle… they are all there for each other standing by cheering, pushing and working like a machine that was built to work together. They share in the moments we witness and partake in every day at the gym… with our coach standing over us screaming at us to keep fighting. They clearly train together… and it shows.

If I had to choose a highlight from today it would certainly be watching CrossFit New England show why they are as phenomenal as they are. Friday was sort of an “off” day it seemed for them… but today, it was no joke. They were there to win and they were there to prove that they were fighting to win their spot back at the Games to defend their title! They certainly had some other teams that had something to say about it and put up a fight… this included CrossFit Rt 1 who I was splitting my time cheering for as the weekend went on! However CFNE prevailed and came out on top with a new World Record in the 3rd Event (by 13 seconds)! It was absolutely amazing to see!!

Damn… I am so hungry!


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