Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fisher Price

June 8, 2012

Ever do something so many times it feels like you can do it in your sleep? You get so use to doing something the same way that if someone/something was to throw a wrench into it and it feels like its completely thrown off? I remember when I learned to roller-skate at a young age. I went from those little plastic fisher price skates that you clipped over your shoes… to the perfect white skates with a little strip of color over the toes that my Papa bought me (of course that was after he bought me a pair of red and white ones that I had to return because they were both the same foot… oh what a memory). I was pretty good, skated a lot with my friends in the neighborhood, my cousins and friends at roller kingdom (which is actually still there and still looks exactly the same). Finally there came a day when I decided that I was going to transition to roller blades. It was the “cool” thing to do and since my brother had a pair I had to get them so I could be just like him, nothing new. Well years went by I became this person that I am today… my days of roller skating/blading were in the past… so I thought… but I still owned my blades. Until one day, a few years ago, my niece decided to have her birthday party at roller kingdom. It was time to dust them off… after all, I can do this! To my surprise, after all those years of not using them I was still pretty good! A friend of mine who was there coaxed me into renting a pair of actual roller skates… just to see what would happen. HOLY CRAP… nope, cant roller skate anymore!

So whats my point? Well, when you get used to doing something some way and have been for so many years, its really hard to just change it. Of course this can go for pretty much anything in life. It feels “weird” when you switch to something new, or its just hard to continue to do it differently than you ever knew. The same goes for doing something incorrectly. Once you start a habbit, its very hard to break. It dosent matter how many times someone tells you, corrects you and re-corrects you… repetition is key to succeeding in changing it. Practice practice practice and repetition repetition repetition!

I have been deadlifting for a long time. Ever sinced I learned what a deadlift was years ago I was hooked. I love how it makes me feel, I loved that I could lift a lot of weight with it. It quickly became one of my favorite lifts. Back in my “globo gym” days I would hammer away at sets of 12 with maybe 135-155lbs. I felt amazing and would get so excited the days that I had them in my program. I never felt like I had a problem with my form, in fact I was told by a few people at the gym that I had really good form. I attribute my form and dedication for all my lifts and movements to dancing. I feel like having that kind of background really helped understand how the base of the movement was most important… after all you will fall on your face if you don’t spot on turns and you cant do complex tap steps without knowing the basics. So why would you be able to do a clean or a snatch if you cant understand the movement broken down into shrug, dip shrug, muscle snatch, OH squat, trap door, muscle snatch with trap door, high hang, hang…. You get the idea. The problem is mastering all these steps THAN linking it all together to complete the movement.

Since starting CF back in August (eekk, almost a year) I have come a LONG way with my deadlift. My current 1RM is 270lbs. It is still one of my favorite lifts, though I have too many favorites now to categorize it as such! Still it makes me feel powerful and strong… so I look forward to those days. Lately though I have been having some trouble with my form. M and K started to notice it with my cleans and snatches as well, the deadlift portion of the move. Took a little while for “us” to figure out what it is that I am doing wrong and K finally hit the nail on the head. I am not really loading my hamstrings correctly. I am dipping down to a lower squat before starting the pull. Its causing the movement to be broken where it shouldn’t be and I am straightening my legs and pulling too soon. I am really glad that she discovered this, as it will certainly improve all of my oly lifts, but it also means practice, practice, practice. I have to re-teach my mind how to do the move correctly and really concentrate on something I was so used to doing “wrong.” Hopefully with time, and lots of practice and direction from my coaches I will be able to up my weights and kill all of the lifts! 

Row 500m
3 Rounds
- 5 Pullups
- 10 Wall Balls
- 10 Inchworms
Group: Burgener Warmup

WOD: "Natch"
10 Min AMRAP
- 3 Hang Cleans (105lbs)
- 6 Box Jumps (20" Box)
- 9 Squats
(11 Rounds + 2 Rx)

Deadlift 5-5-5
(65%, 75%, 85% of 1 RM)
135 (w), 160 (5), 185 (5), 210 (5)

50 Abmat Situps

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