Sunday, May 6, 2012


May 3, 2012

Strength is not only about how much you can lift, fast you can run or amount you can push...

... strength is in your body, your mind, your soul.

I have been faced with quite a few things in my life that have made me ask the question WHY... and yet again in my short 31.5 years I am faced with that thought today.

I am reminded how short life is, how lucky I am to have the things that I have, the people that I have and the live that I live. If you knew what I have gone through you might ask me if I would change anything... the answer is no.

I was given this life. I am who I am because of this life. I am strong from my losses and struggles. If you knew the wonderful lives and strong amazing people that I have had the privilege and blessing to know and love... whether it was a short time or a long time, whether it was cut short or long and lasting. I wouldn't trade any moment of my life, this is MY life, those are MY memories.

Cherish every moment...

3 Rounds
- Row 250
- 5 Pushups

- 10 Walking Lunges
Double Unders

Death By Pullups (kipping)
Death By Pullups (dead hang with bands)
10 Minutes Double Unders


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