Thursday, May 24, 2012

Push Each Other

May 15, 2012

This morning was another classic example of how the dynamic of a crossfit workout can push you to new limits. Not only is working out with a group of people fantastic because you feed of of other peoples energy but I am lucky enough to have someone at my box that as soon as the timer buzzes the pure push of working together is enough to get us both to do things we never thought we could do.

KP and I have a certain way...its not a "competition" is not about "who can do it faster" or "who is stronger" but the fact is when we are WODing... if one of us is right on the tail of the other, we will do everything in our power to push to keep up with them... and if one of us is just ahead of the other... we will do everything in our power to stay in that position. We both have different body types, we both have different strengths and weaknesses... and in the 9 months we have been working out together we know what "pushes each others buttons."

In a WOD with strength and speed we have a perfect balance... she can plow though some things that I am weaker at and I can plow through some things she is weaker at... but together we are both becoming stronger athletes and better at everything we do.We know where to pick up to "keep up" with the other and when the other will "slow down." Again, its not about beating one another... at the end of every WOD we thank each other for the motivation!

You dont even have to be a CrossFitter to have this... find someone who will push you. Try new things... put yourself out there. You will not be disappointed!

Thanks Kell!

4 Rounds
- 20 Lunges
- 15 Double Unders
- 10 Back Extensions
- 5 Burpees
Group: KB Swing Review

WOD: Intromit
12 Min AMRAP
- 10 Wall Balls
- 15 KB Swings
- 20 Abmat Situps
(6+32 Rx)

TABATA Hollow Rocks


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