Monday, May 7, 2012

Maintain That Feeling

May 7, 2012

First off, I have had strict instructions that I need to keep up with my blogging! So for those who read daily I am sorry for the massive bulk publishing yesterday! I hope you enjoy catching up with the new posts (grab a cup of coffee and catch up!). I know (judging by my FB page) that there quite a few readers out there, and lots of new ones, so I just want to say thank you for your support! I started this blog to be a place where I can literally dump my thoughts about my new adventure with CrossFit. Soon after, it turned into something that really means a lot to me, where I try to be as open and honest as I can, so if I can be even a small amount of inspiration to anyone out there just by doing what I love... well thats just perfect! Please feel free to comment either here or on FB and if you have any inspirational material I would love to hear from you! I have also been contacted by a few different places for product reviews and give a ways... so stay tuned!!

I have been thinking a lot about CF lately... and making sure that I am keeping the "fun" going. I dont want to lose what attracted me to it. I dont want to lose that feeling I get when I walk in the door. Think of it as a any other relationship. Everyone knows that there is a "honeymoon" stage when you first get into the relationship, where everything is puppies and rainbows. Than all of a sudden the level of comfort sets in, we start getting relaxed and we stop "trying so hard." That when the bickering starts... where we stop trying to dress to impress ... we are content not going anywhere or doing anything... we forget to tell each other how beautiful or special they are... eventually we stop... well... we stop "trying." This isnt to be confused with the comfort of a Saturday on the couch, or knowing that our significant other can actually stand to see us without makeup... but when that certain "feeling" is missing, its very obvious. Things can tumble downhill fast.

In order to maintain that feeling its crucial to keep things going. With CrossFit I have to remember that this "journey" is about me. Not about anyone else. No one else's scores, times, weights... just me. The way I feel when I am there, the accomplishments that I have made. Hell, nine months ago to this day Hubs called CrossFit Wachusett to see if we could come check it out (at the garage) the next day. I thought I was going to pass out doing pushups, squats and abmat situps... today, I am leaps and bounds from that person inside and out. I want to keep going, I want to keep getting better.  Only I have the power to give that to myself.

My strategy is this. Keep it fun! How do I do that... remember what it is that I love the most. The challenge, the thrill, the feeling... every day, keep "trying" every day.. The comfort had begun to set in. The bitching started, the frustration was all over the place... and why? I would work and work and not see as much of a result as I wanted, I would take a break in a WOD and be pissed at myself when I was done for breaking... but why? Why all of a sudden care so much about other peoples scores or where I "ranked?" I stopped looking at where I have come from and looked to much at where I want to be. Stopped giving myself credit for all the things I have done. Forgot to tell myself that I am kicking ass and taking names... that has to stop.

Today I entered into the gym with a new attitude. I dont do this because I "have" to... I do this because I "want" to. I listen to people tell me that they dont have the "time" or they wish they could be as dedicated or as motivated as me... they can. But no one can do it for them. There is nothing about changing your lifestyle that is easy. However it certainly comes with loads of benefits.

As I ran up and down the street today to complete a 400... and into the gym for 21 squat clean thrusters all I could think of was how much I love to do this. How much I love my body, how much I wouldnt give any of my life away to anyone... I had a bet with myself that I wouldnt take my hands off the bar during the thrusters. I might pause, but I will not let go... and I didnt. When I completed the 3 rounds I laid down on the ground and smiled on the inside... that was FUN!

3 Rounds
- 15 Air Squats
- 10 Pushups
- 5 Pullups
4 Way Plank (1 Min Each)
Group: Squat Clean Thrusters

3 Rounds for Time
- 400m Run
- 21 Squat Clean Thrusters (65)
(14:41 Rx)

OH Press 5-5-5
45, 65, 75 (5), 85 (4)


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