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May 12, 2012

Set a goal... go after it!

Every day is a great day for a challenge and today was no different. Hubs and I both too active rest days on the day CFW posted "Bradshaw" as the workout. We agreed that this was one challenge that we could not resist. It was going to be hard, it was going to be a lot of work, it was going to be tiring, but we knew how much satisfaction we will have when we complete it.

I gave up my "negativity" so I wasnt even in the "this is going to suck" mindset. I was in the "I am going to kick this workouts ASS mindset" when I got up this morning. I was pumped and ready to go when I got to the gym! Couldnt wait to face the WOD head on.

I warmed up and was very happy that it seemed to be a "double under day" and what I mean by that is... I could actually string them together. M has been remarkable with helping me with these week after week reminding me to relax, jump higher, use less arm... whatever it is... so they have come leaps and bounds (pun kind of intended) in a few short weeks. I have a problem when I get tense during a WOD that I lose them... and he keep shouting out "relax" which usually works. Today they seemed to flow pretty well!! Fingers were crossed that they would continue to flow during the 10 rounds of Bradshaw!

Flow they did... as did the hand stand pushups and deadlifts, it was the pullups that were the hardest part of the WOD for me (and  most of the people I talked to about it). There are 10 rounds, which is a lot... however most of exercises of the rounds go quickly, and before you know it you are back at the pullups... seems like there is never a break from them. I used the small blue band for assist on the pullups to help me kip each one.

I knew I didnt want to go out of the gate blazing because of the length of the WOD. I talked to M before and he said to keep a good pace. Asked me what my goal was (there is a 35 min time cap) I told him I wanted to finish in under 30. Thought that was reasonable. I used the Rx weight for the deadlifts (155lbs) and two abmats for the HSPUs, the blue band for the pullups and of course was going to attempt all double unders.

There was a lot of sweating, there was a lot of lifting, there was a lot of flipping upsdown... but there was also a lot of cheering and encouraging... and I was able to finish under my goal time... 29:31... not to shabby!!

After the WOD Hubs and I headed home... I ate some "fuel"and headed out the door to meet up with KP for the Music for Life 5K. Yep, I was about to run a race... again!! KP was the best coach I could have asked for in this race. She stayed with me, pushed me the whole way! The second mile seemed to be entirely uphill... I was struggling and she just kept encouraging me to continue! It was fantastic. We crossed the finish line together and I couldnt have been happier with my 29:00 time. The next one (yes, there will be a next one) will be better... faster... stronger!!

Here is some post race bliss!! Thanks KP!! Your a great friend, coach and athlete!!

Row 500m
2 Rounds
- 1 Minute Double Unders
- 10 Pushups
- 15 GHD
- 20 Hollow Rock
- 10 Spiderman

WOD: "Bradshaw"
10 Rounds for Time
- 3 HSPU
- 6 Deadlifts (155)
- 12 Pullups (Small Blue Band)
- 24 Double Unders

2 Minute Hamstring Stretch
2 Minute Lat Stretch



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