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April 18, 2012

Today is another prime example as to why I love CrossFit. I have expressed how happy I was after the Open workouts that I was no longer intimidated by the pullup bar, I dont consider it my "weakness" anymore. In fact I look at it now as a way to challenge myself and push even harder to reach my goal (10 kipping pullups without dropping from the bar) by June 30th. This goal just so happens to come in time for The Beast of the East which Hubs and I are planning to compete in.

When I saw the WOD I had that sinking "oh god this is going to be really hard" feeling in my stomach. It was 40 double unders and 20 pullups for 4 rounds. This could (and has) been one of the most frustrating combinations of exercises I have ever done. My doubs come and go and my pullups... well, they are getting stronger as I said... I just have to keep at them.

The saving grace for this morning was the group instruction that M gave before the WOD. It was well needed and so very helpful. This is something new that CFW is starting. At the end of the warmup we have been doing a group warmup, or group instruction. Monday we worked on OH Squat position before OH Squatting, Tuesday we worked on Burgner Press before doing push jerks and today it was double under practice. We ran through some drills for being quick on our feet., we jumped on the low box for speed and form, we jumped with no rope, we jumped with a rope, singles... singles into doubles... and eventually the doubles were flowing. M really stressed to not get frustrated. Which of course is much easier said than done, but its true. The second you get flustered and you are already tired... game over.

When the WOD started I was geared up to give it my all. I quickly put the "uggg" out of my head and though "YES, nows the time to push and work on the things I really suck at." I was super excited to push through the first 20 pushups with a great pace and I was able to link 2-3 at a time. This is pretty big for me and I feel a lot of it is psychological. I know if I just get out of my head I will be able to do it and thats what I was trying. It worked (what do ya know...). The rest of the 4 rounds were the same. I pushed and pushed, took WAY less breaks than I ever have doing pullups in the past and was proud of myself for really sticking to my guns.

The double unders... well at least I can say I didnt spend the entire 13+ minutes swearing at my rope! They were coming together, they were linking and I was able to breeze through some of the sets pretty easily. M was constantly reminding me to relax and stay light on my feet. I start to crouch and bring my knees up when I get tired and thats when I get tripped up. I have to learn to keep the rope in the same spot. He and I talked after and he noted if I started the set upright with a slightly tight belly and soft knees was far more likely to string more together than I would if I started bent and heavy. It was clear that relaxation is the key for me because once I start to stress I tense up and it goes downhill fast.

Either way you slice it I actually enjoyed todays WOD. Holy crap... I just said that... write it down.

I was able to use the things that I am not so good as as a push to get better and I feel great about my time and my performance. I am going to keep working at both of these skills and eventually these "weaknesses" wont be weaknesses anymore... they already feel like they are losing that name in my mind.

Row 500m
3 Rounds
- 5 Ring Rows
- 10 Pushups
- 10 Spiderman  
Group: Junkyard Dog
Group: Double Unders

WOD: "Next"
4 Rounds for Time

- 20 Pullups
- 40 Double Unders
(13:14 Rx)

Back Squats for Speed
45, 65, 85, 105, 115


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