Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pick Yourself Up

April 23, 2012

Stress is a huge part of most peoples lives. Stress comes in many forms and can be totally self inflicted or set off by things that are out of our control. Like most things (I feel like I say it a lot at least) it is how we handle the stress, how we deal with it that determines the severity of the problem.

Personally the way I like to deal with my stress is with the gym (shocker I know). In all honesty when I am there nothing else matters. Its me, the weight or the clock and my mind. I am not focused on marriage, work, friends, family... I am focused on what I am doing and how I can get better at it. Its a place that I can escape from the everyday stresses in life and there is nothing like it for me.

When I have a bad day I look forward to the gym, when I am going to have a stressful day at work I look forward to the gym, when things are going not so good at home, I have a fight with a friend or the whole world seems to be falling apart around me… I look forward to the gym. It makes me feel good, it relieves stress and I am alone. Even though I am not really “alone…”

With Crossfit there is another element. The fight and the determination to get better, faster and stronger that I embrace when I enter the gym takes over. Suddenly when the clock starts I forget everything else and focus on the task at hand. I feel better, my mind clears and there have even been times that I have a totally different perspective of something after a workout. It resets my thoughts and helps me to approach things differently.

Sounds cliché but CrossFit has been a life changing experience for me. I am looking forward to what comes next and can honestly thank CrossFit for saving my life and keeping me sane!  Stress will always be there, but so will CrossFit!

Todays WOD looked "challenging" when I saw it! I was so excited to start what was going to be a pretty stressful day after a really stressful Sunday with a kick ass workout! It did not disappoint! I really pushed myself as hard as I could to get this WOD done. Felt phenomenal when it was over!! Totally proved my own point!

2 Rounds
- 20 Walking Lunges
- 10 Shoulder Dislocates
- 5 Inchworms
- 5 Pullups
Group: Hanging Clean Review

WOD: "F1" for Time
- Row 1K
- 10 Hang Cleans (95)
- 20 Hand Release Pushups
- 30 One Handed Kettle Bell Snatches (1pd)
- 20 Hand Release Pushups
- 10 Hang Cleans (95)
- Row 1K
(My Time 17:19 Rx)


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