Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Less You Give a Damn...

April 19, 2012

Clearly I see a lot of saying and graphics on FB that are motivational both relating to CrossFit as well as life in general. I saw this one and it made me stop and think for a good couple of minutes.

Now my first reaction was YES... this is so true. I need to learn to loosen up "relax" and let things roll off my back. If I dont care what happens than I cant be disappointed. But the more I think about it… I am so very happy that I DON’T think with that mentality. How sad to think that if you give up on something it will just go away or that if you don’t care how your actions affect someone, or yourself for that matter that you will be a happier person. That’s not true at all! Seems like it would be an awfully lonely and unrewarding way of life. What makes life so great is the look on someone’s face when you do something that makes their day/week/life… the feeling you have when someone tells you that they love you… the satisfaction you get when you accomplish a goal that you have been reaching for. What is life without all that? What is life without fight?

There is a balance. One that is hard to maintain. There are of course things in life that you shouldn’t “sweat.” You can ask anyone I know, I am famous for over-reacting… or jumping the gun when I hear or see something that causes me to react whether it be positive or negative. Yes, I have to learn (and have been learning) to scale that back… learning to let the “small things” roll off my back or at least give myself some time to think about the reaction before jumping to conclusions. But I cant imagine just shutting off my feelings and not “giving a damn” about how I am respecting myself and others. Seems so wrong.

I am a passionate person. I come from a family of passionate people. We are fighters. We are lovers. We are headstrong. We don’t give up. We do the things that our brain initially says “no way” to. We are I am stubborn… and I wouldn’t change any of that.

What is life without passion?


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