Tuesday, April 24, 2012


April 24, 2012 

It may not look like it while I am working my butt off sweating from every spot possible to sweat from on my body... but I love every minute of every WOD...

It may not look like it when I am laying on the ground trying to catch my breath after however many minutes of work I just performed... but I cant wait to do it again when it is over...

It may not look like it when I drop a bar filled with 5 lbs over my 1RM because I havent been able to complete the rep yet... but I have FUN every single workout...

The only way to continue to do what I do daily and get out of bed and push through every workout is because I enjoy what I am doing. I am having fun while I am doing it and I love the people that I do it with. No only do I we have FUN while we WOD, but we have great relationships within the gym. We laugh together, we chat, we hang out and we really enjoy each others company.

Its really fantastic to have such a great support system and that fact that it is growing week to week is just adding to the excitement. Its nice to be able to show people the fun we have and invite them to join in our family. We have all brought people into the gym so bringing some of our "outside" world into the community is fun and once they see with their own eyes what we talk about they are not left disappointed!

It dosent have to be CrossFit, but having fun while exercising is so important. Do the things that make you smile and do it with the people that  make you happy. It will motivate you to continue on in whatever it is that you choose and give you the push to succeed!


Row 500m
3 Rounds
- 5 Inchworms
- 10 Situps
- 15 Squats
Group: SDHP & Double Under Instruction

8 min @ each station 20 sec work 10 sec rest
total lowest reps each station equals score
- Double Unders - 5
- SDHP (55) - 9
- Wall Balls (14) - 6
- Ring Rows - 7
Total = 26

3 X 5 Pullups


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