Tuesday, March 6, 2012


March 2, 2012

Typically, my Friday mornings consist of a breathtaking WOD and either an ass whooping strength session or an ab wrenching, hand burning... you name it skill session. Today was a different kind of day. Last nights snatching and tomorrows 12.2 WOD makes today a perfect day for recovery and mobility.

Having said that... whats a Friday without my CFW Family?! Nothing!! So off to the gym I went at my usual time where I knew I was going to warm up, stretch out and work every mobility move I possibly could to keep my hips, hams, quads, shoulders and back stretched out. the last thing i wanted was to wind up sore for tomorrows attempt. K also advised that I keep my protein intake the same as I would on any other workout day to help with the recovery so I did that as well.

The importance of recovery, rest and mobility is as high in Crossfit as it is in any other sport... today was a well needed day!

Bring on 12.2!


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