Friday, March 2, 2012

The Pushup Saga

February 29, 2012

Less the a year ago the thought of doing pushups gave me hives... today I am pushing myself to get better and better at them and will no longer sacrifice my pushup form for speed. Its important to me to develop the skills and muscles that you use while doing pushups for my other lifts and movements and... well... its really nice to not dread the pushup days! I went from doing "girly" pushups on my knees just 6 months ago to being able to stay up on my feet for some of a set, than most of a set... and eventually where I am now, where I make sure on each rep my chest touches the ground (to meet CF Standards).  

Today was a fun workout for me. Apparently I am one of the few who actually enjoy overhead squatting... or squatting in general for that matter! We started with skill, back squats, which we havent done in a while. Last time I was able to get 190 for 3 reps. Thats was a pretty good accomplishment for me, and today I wanted more. I worked up to 190 and was able to get out 4 reps before I dropped the weight. Something about a squat that makes me feel so strong. K and I talked about my "issue" and she thinks it might be because I am bottoming out on my squat so as I stand up I have a tendency to buckle my right knee in to help push. I have a really deep squat in general so this is just something I have to work on, screwing my feet into the floor and pressing my knees out as I stand up. I will get there.... AND, I did get one more rep than last time!!

After squatting we got right into the WOD, which included the overhead squats. The prescribed weight was only 65lbs for women so I loaded that up and got ready for J and T to join me. Together the three of us crushed the WOD! I had no problem doing all 10 of the OH Squats unbroken, even the wall balls that followed were ok... it was the pushups that slowed me down. I was determined to get each of them with my chest to the ground. After all, thats what I have been working for. After the first round I was able to catch up to the boys on the OH Squats.. but they would passed me on that second set of pushups and I was unable to recover. I didnt want to fall too far behind so I worked as hard as I could. Finally after my third unbroken OH Squat and only stopping once on that last set of 20 wall balls I was onto the last set of pushups...

Than, I did something dumb. I was working, more than half way and I turned to reach for my water bottle... WHAT? Why? I didnt need water... gaahhh, I used it as an excuse to break on my pushups. As soon as I did it I knew I didnt need it. I got right back down and finished up the pushups, my arms were quivering with each of them and I would have to stop every completed rep and shake my arms out. When I was done, I was happy... I was happy I was done, I was happy I did the WOD Rx and didnt slack on the pushups... and I realized next time... the water bottle stays on the other side of the room!!

2 Rounds
- 20 Walking Lunges
- 10 Grasshoppers
- 10 Ring Rows
- 5 Toes to Bar
2 X 9 Fundamentals
2 Minute Squat Sit @ Rack

3 Rounds for Time
- 10 OH Squats (65lbs)
- 20 Wall Balls (14lbs)
- 30 Pushups
(My Time 15:01 Rx)

Back Squat 5-5-5-5
155, 175, 185, 190 (for 4)


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