Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Proud Moment

March 3, 2012

“If people only knew how hard I work to gain my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful at all."

I feel like this is a pretty fitting quote for today. Since joining CrossFit and the sudden surge of crossfit sweeping the nation there have been loads and loads of before and after pictures plastered all over the internet.  Whether it be abs of steel, a kick ass back or a really tight butt, there are 100 comments of people saying "I want that" or "I will never have that" or even "how could you even do that?!"

I was even looking at some pictures of Annie Sakamoto and was told "thats gross" by someone in regards to her muscles which actually made me laugh... I look at her and swoon. To me every muscle on her body and every line of definition is a clear indication of her hard work and dedication to her body. Its really easy to say "I want that" but in reality... as Michelangelo was probably trying to say in his quote... the road to success and "mastery" is not easy. Annie didnt wake up one day with muscles and strength.

This is one of the hardest things to keep in mind when "comparing" myself to others at the gym or in CrossFit in general. There is a goal in my head and seeing as how I am a very goal orientated person I just cant quit till I get there. I want the path to be a straight line, but we all know that in reality that just not the case... ever. When I am upset that my time isnt as good as I wanted it to be or that I didnt increase weight as much as I wanted I have to keep Annie and Michelangelo in mind... this shiz aint easy and its going to take time, but if I want it, I WILL get it.

I had one of my proudest moments at CrossFit Wachusett this morning. Again it wasnt one of our typical Saturday mornings... its 12.2 day. The real deal. I felt a lot of pressure, only pressure that I put on myself of course. This is "my" thing. This is what I love to do... lift heavy weight. I knew I could snatch 100lbs so I was just going to have to suck it up, do the WOD and kick some ass. Not sure how much of a reality it is, but in my head this is THE workout that I was going to be able to have a team impact on for the Open. Once they introduce pullups I am screwed (of course I dont know that... but thats what I was feeling at the time). I coulnt help but remember last weekend when I did WORSE on Saturday when I re-did the WOD... so yeah, nervous wreck.

Some of the guys went first and I cheered on and watched... than I started to really warm up. Eventually it was time for me to go and I was going alone. There were quite a few people at the gym to witness and I asked Hubs if he would watch rather than WOD with me since he knows some more of my cues... and he knew how nervous I was. Next thing I know and it was 3...2...1...GO...

The 45's and 75's were cake. I was flying. I was doing my best to not go too hard as to not have enough steam to get up the 100 lbs... but I wanted to have enough time to get as many in as I could. I was on a pretty good pace and when the first 30 reps were complete I had a little over 4 minutes remaining. I loaded the plates and went in for the first 100lb snatch. BIG FAIL... second attempt BIG FAIL...

Holy crap, I almost started crying. All these people watching... I only get one shot... I was mad, scared, pumped and overwhelmed... than I hear "get it Sarah" and "right back in there" and everything and anything my CF Family could say to get me going (they are all amazing by the way)... I turned around, put my hands on the bar and BAM... first rep complete. From than on I was on a roll. I just kept getting in there and getting the reps up. A few brought me down into a super deep squat and some almost to my knees where everyone thought for sure I was going to drop the weight, but I was able to recover and stand up... at the end of the 10 minutes I had successfully completed 11 reps at 100lbs.

This was BY FAR the most rewarding WOD I have done. All the high fives, the giant hug from Hubs... the support from everone was awesome!! I really fed off of the energy in the room and couldnt ask for a better team behind me!! I am really proud of my score for 12.2 and hope to continue to be successful with the rest of the Opens WODs.

And apparently I make some pretty "interesting" faces when I lift...

20 Walking Lunges
2 X Burgener Warmup
Snatch Progression

WOD: 12.2
10 Minutes as far as you can get through this sequence
30 Snatches @ 45lbs
30 Snatches @ 75lbs
11 Snatches @ 100lbs


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