Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nope, Not Luck... Determination

March 17, 2012

This image couldnt have been a better find to describe my approach to 12.4...
- a fixed purpose... CHECK
- the power and will to persist... CHECK
- to have the grit... CHECK
- to go the distance... CHECK
- hell bent on reaching a goal... CHECK
- getting it done... CHECK

I will say this... as I try to be as "real" as I can be in each of these writings. Things with me have been a little off and walking into the gym to actually perform 12.4 I was not in a good place. I have some "issues" that I am working out in my head and to be honest, I am trying to use everything that I have written myself as a guide to how to get through it. I think about all the times I have written about strength (mental not physical), courage to be the person you want to be, drive to get there and how not to settle for things you are not happy with. I am that person and I stand 100% behind everything I have written... but I also know that everyone has breaking points, everyone cries and everyone has tough times. You cant be strong all the time...

This is where the "best coach in the world" card comes into play. K... I wouldnt have been able to get through this WOD the way I did without her. She knows my ques, she knows my buttons and she can get me to move my ass! Hubs knew something was up with me and informed K that I needed her today... and thank god she was. I just wanted to get the WOD moving, start the clock and for the love of god get these damn 150 wall balls over with! K came up to me, gave me some tips... told me to keep focused, do as many as I could unbroken and than I set 10 as a number to shoot for after that, than she told me to lift my feet as high as I could on the double unders because it is going to feel like they are moving and they wont be (after all the wall balls) and finally she looked right at me and said "get out of your head."

The clock started and my 12 minutes of "heaven" began. Low and behold, with K's constant encouragement I was able to bust out 50 wall balls without a thought. I dropped the ball at that point and killed the next 100 in increments of 10. I was shocked to see that I had done all 150 in just 8 or so minutes. A, JM, and Hubs were all cheering me on to get to the double unders and I picked up the rope to get started... I had 4 minutes for 90 of them.

So, I have been practicing these... but let me tell you, there was no way to prepare for what your legs feel like after 150 wall balls... WOW.  I was going as fast as I possibly could. I resorted to the double single double single method for a few... and than threw in a few doubles in a row. I couldnt believe how fast those 4 minutes went by... as the clocked buzzed I had completed 60... damn...

I refuse to be upset with this score. Yes, I wanted those 30 other double unders, yes, I wanted to help my team get to regionals, yes, I of course thought at that very moment what a disappointment it was that I had 4 minutes and I couldnt do it... but NO NO NO... I am proud of myself. I killed my Karen time, I did 60 double unders when last week I couldnt do 10, and I worked damn hard for that WOD. There is NOTHING to be disappointed about.

Thank you to everyone at the gym for your support today and every day... we need each other more than we know it!

Jump Rope Circuit 2X
- 10 Singles
- 10 Each Leg
- 10 Side to Side
- 10 Front to Back
- 10 Crossover
- 10 Double Unders
20 Walking Lunges

WOD: 12.4
12 Minute AMRAP
- 150 Wall Balls (14lbs)
- 90 Double Unders
- 30 Muscle Ups
(150 Wall Balls, 60 Double Unders - 210)


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