Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Love It!

March 4, 2012

I talked yesterday about how wonderful my CF Family is and how amazing they were at cheering me on during my 12.2 WOD. But today I need to share how awesome it is to be on the other side of that coin. 

When Hubs and I joined CF we had no idea that with joining we would become a part of something so special, something that is really hard to explain. There is a connection that happens within a CF Box that is so cool… there are no clicks, there are no groups, there is no cattiness, there is no drama… all that is left outside the doors of the gym. Once we enter we are all on the same level, we are all standing behind one another fighting for one another and pushing, cheering and coaching each other on to reach our highest potentials.  

Leaving the real “coaching” to the coaches… we have all learned how to share our knowledge with each other where we think someone might need it. We all have strengths, we all have weaknesses… and if we share them all with one another we will be the best team we can be! Everyone is there to help one another succeed.  

I cant really explain how cool it is to see one of my CF Family members reach a goal that they have been shooting for! I guess I might liken it to what it might be like to teach a kid to ride a bike… and the first time they take off without training wheels the look on their face is priceless!! You know how hard they have been working at it, you know how hard it is to train like them and what they have gone through to get where they just got. You can almost feel their excitement yourself!! It’s almost a daily occurrence at CF… personal bests, beating times… you name it, it feels awesome to see others succeed when you know how hard they work!  

This dosent just happen at my box… its what CF is all about. When we were about a month or two into CF we went to see K and M compete in the Garage Games Individual Comp in Natick. That weekend solidified the fact that this was the sport for me, that I was going to be a CrossFitter and that it was the best thing I could do for myself and my body. It was amazing to see all the athletes there cheering each other on, whether they were members of the same gym or not. I experienced it first hand at the Teams Garage Games where we felt the “love” of the community  cheering us on as we plugged away at the WODs… and where else can you see this…

This is Charity Vale the 1st place finisher for the last event in the 2009 games cheering on her competitor Kristan Clever right after she finished the WOD. You dont see that in other competitive sports... thats for DAMN sure!

Today K and M opened the gym to give Hubs, J and some others a second (or third) shot at 12.2... I watched in awe as J kicked some major ass and added a ridiculous 13 to his score!! The Opens make us do crazy things and I was so happy to witness him achieving a goal!! Way to go J!!

Every stretch I could think of to stretch out my hip...
Roll gluts, hams, quads.... you name it...


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