Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Keep Trying

March 1, 2012

I walked into the gym tonight filled with emotions. I started going Thursday nights as a "skill" night. Where I could work on the things that I need to develop with less of a time constraint than I have in the mornings. However, since the Open workouts are released on Wednesday nights my time on Thursdays for the next few weeks will be dedicated to working on the skills necessary for the coming WOD. Last week I had my first run with 12.1 and did what felt like a half a million burpees... tonight, tonight was my kind of night... Snatches!

WOD 12.2 was released at 8:00pm on Wednesday night... I was both excited and nervous at the sight of it. This is what I was waiting for, something that my strength would play a factor in, something that would boost my confidence.

12.2 for Women:
10 Minutes as far as you can get through this sequence
30 Snatches @ 45lbs
30 Snatches @ 75lbs
30 Snatches @ 100lbs
As many as possible at 120lbs

I knew going into the gym that my goal tonight was to snatch 100lbs. I have never done it before. The most I had snatched was 85lbs and that was back on my birthday. In order to get past the mental block that I wasnt going to be able to successful. I went in with a "sort of" open mind.

I was thrilled when I got there to see so many people working out! I could hear some cheering going on... it was KP working hard at the 12.2 WOD! It was a great way to get motivated to work hard tonight. When she was done we talked for a few to see how it went. It was great to see her accomplish her goal for that WOD. At that point she said how excited she was for me to do the WOD and couldnt wait till Saturday to witness it. That pumped me up even more!! I needed to get down and dirty with the snatches!!

So I did a warmup and than got started with a progression. K advised me to do a few at 45, a few at 75 than work up by 5lbs till I hit the 100lb mark. The most frustrating part of it all was when I got stuck at 95lbs. I just couldnt get over the hump of 100lbs. I think it was more the mental block coming into play. We set up two bars, one with 100 and one with 95 and I went back and forth... all of a sudden with K yelling "open your hips" there it was... I nailed the 100lbs.

From than on I was able to put up a couple more. I had to squat snatch all of them and I was pretty low... but whatever it takes!! So I set up the progression of weights, took out my cell phone timer and set it for 10 minutes. Sixty seven reps later (7 at 100lbs) I was a happy lady. I didnt go "all out," I was at about 80% and I wasnt even really planning to do the 100 pounders... but once I got there I couldnt stop.

I am ready for Saturday!

20 Walking Lunges
2 X Burgener Warmup
Snatch Progression

WOD: 12.2
10 Minutes as far as you can get through this sequence
30 Snatches @ 45lbs
30 Snatches @ 75lbs
7 Snatches @ 100lbs


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