Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Dude, Get Out of Your Head...

March 19, 2012

... its really nice out here." A quote by the beautiful Mila Kunas in forgetting Sarah Marshall when she is trying to tell Jason Segal (Peter) that he is over analyzing things way to much. For real, this is a quote to live by.

This is something I struggle with a lot... over thinking, over analyzing... and I guess plain complicating things that dont need to be that complicated. Most things in life "are what they are" but when I start to add in all the "other" factors in my mind, they start to become more complicated. Not sure why that is, if its something I learned or inherited... or just a personality trait I might have picked up, but have added that to the growing list of things I need to work on. I think I have been doing a pretty good job with it lately (and yes, I think its due in part to crossfit).

The idea again is to live life. Life the life you want to live but dont look past what you have right now, the life that you are currently living looking for something that you dont have. If you do, life will just pass you by and you will always be living for tomorrow. Take the time to cherish the things that make you happy rather than dwelling on the things that make you sad. Dont get me wrong, I talk tons about change, goal setting, reaching for the stars and what not... this is not the same thing. I know there are things in life that need changing. I know there are things in MY life that need changing. Those things take time and are future/goal orientated. Those are things I have control over. However, if I lose sight of the things that are currently in my life that make me happy... than what am I fighting for?

The hardest part is initiating the change. Finding the balance in life... with the things that make you happy and the things you "have" to do to get by. Sometimes happiness means sacrifice. Sometimes happiness is the result of hard work. Sometimes happiness is effortless and sometimes it takes time.

Take some time to slow down... "get out of your head" and enjoy the view for a while.  

So I am going to go ahead and apply this one to crossfit... this morning for the FIRST time I actually enjoyed a workout that included not only pushups, but running... AND... yep, pullups!! I gave it a chance. I got out of my head... and I did it. I really enjoyed finally being able to run outside and the pullups were actually not to shabby (seeing as how there were only three per round)... what I am trying to do is teach myself that if I can get out of my head that anything is possible. I did it Saturday with 12.4. I pushed myself beyond what I imagined just because I let myself go. I didnt set a number to stop at, I said "I will do as many as I can" and that happened to be 50! I never would have said "I am going to do 50 than stop." I can be an even better athlete if I let myself go... trust myself and push beyond what I "think" I can do.

I think I like it!

2 Rounds
- 20 Walking Lunges (OUCH... my legs kill from wall balls)
- 10 Back Extensions
- 10 Shoulder Dislocates
- 5 Ring Rows
2 X 9 Fundamentals
Couch Stretch 2 Min Each Leg

WOD: "Brisance"
10 min AMRAP
- Run 200m
- 3 Pullups
- 6 HR Pushups
(5 Rds + 50m Rx)

Deadlift for Speed 5-5-5-5
135, 135, 155, 155


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