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What are the "Opens"

February 23, 2012

Ok ok... for the non-crossfit people... heres the explanation...

"The CrossFit Games are the world’s premier test to find the Fittest on Earth." It all started with the first Games in 2007 and has grown to be a HUGE event. Its not an "easy" journey to say the least! There are three steps, the "Open," the "Regional," and the "Games."

Anyone can sign up for the Open competition. This year there are over 60,000 athletes gunning for a spot in the regional. This is a 5 week process where every week a new WOD is posted. Each athlete has to complete the WOD and comply with the standards set (for example, if there are pushups in the WOD, they must be done to CF standards and if not, a "no rep" is given). The workouts either have to be done at a CF gym with an registered affiliate judging and keeping time/count or a video submission has to be made with the score. After completing the WOD the athlete goes on line, posts their score and their affiliate certifies that they did in fact do the WOD with them present. At that time they are ranked among the 60K competitors.

At the end of the 5 weeks the top competitors are invited to compete in the regional. This is a three day long "live" competition. The athletes compete at a set location amongst the other elite in their region and complete more WODs. Finally... the qualifiers (top 100) go to the "Games." They are being held in Carson California this July (these are what they have been airing on ESPN), and the top male and top female will be named "The Fittest on Earth."

As a side note, there is also a "Teams" competition going on through all this... all of the information if you want more than I have given here you can see it all at

So, the whole world of CrossFit was impatiently waiting the posting of the first WOD of the Open at 8:00pm on February 22nd. Every athlete registered has to complete the WOD by 5:00pm (I think) the Sunday after it is posted. You can do the WOD as many times as you want and submit your best score. I too was biting my nails wondering what it was going to be... Would I have to struggle through double unders and pullups? Would it be pushups and deadlifts? How much weight? Could I do it?  Yeah... stressful... but again, all I have to do is my best.

I was out to dinner with a friend and at 8:01pm I was texted by Hubs to inform me that the WOD was posted. Much to the surprise of... well... everyone... the WOD is a 7 minute AMRAP of burpees... (you either love them or you hate them). When I got home we talked and decided that it would be smart to make our first attempt on Thursday night rather than have a skill session.

Tonight was the night and when I arrived at the gym I was... I guess a good word is, apprehensive. Typically I feel the best in the morning so as if the 12.1 WOD wasnt daunting enough, doing it at night is even more of a head game. Burpees are mostly mental and as long as you dont stop you are good. Thats what I kept telling myself at least! I needed to stay out of my head. Just do it!

Well, I "just did it" and I feel really good about it! I had a total score of 95. K was fantastic (as usual) trying to cheer me on as well as count my reps and judge to be sure I didnt have any no reps. When it was all over I was beat, my legs were on fire... but I was happy happy happy that I was done!! There were others at the gym cheering me (and Hubs, because he was doing it at the same time as me) on. There is nothing better than that! I officially completed my first Open WOD!!

I am going to give it a go again on Saturday to see if I can beat my score. I have a benchmark now and I am going to shoot for at least 100 next time! We shall see! Maybe there will be a little Saturday morning magic!

P.S. I still hate burpees...

2 Rounds
- 20 Double Unders
- 10 Spidermans
- 10 Inchworms
- 20 Walking Lunges

WOD: 12.1
7 Minute AMRAP Burpees
(My Score = 95 reps)


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