Sunday, February 12, 2012

Paleo Superbowl

February 5, 2012

Patriots Nation (and pretty much everyone I know) woke up this morning ready to go!! Superbowl Sunday!! It comes once a year... its a day filled with food, drink, friends... and either really happy people, or really upset people!! That of course all depends on who you are cheering for!!

Hubs and I decided this year that since we were in the middle of our Paleo Challenge that we were going to give it our best shot to not "cheat" for the game. K was kind enough to give us all a "pass" on one drink and one serving of an appetizer or dish. I coudnt think of anything better than "BACON CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES" and oh my goodness were they awesome!! Yes, I said bacon... and chocolate chip.... and cookie in the same recipe! Dont knock it till you try it!!

Anyway... we all know how this game went... and we can just leave it at that...

Regardless we had a great morning and afternoon prepping for the game and making our food for the week. We had some great company despite the game going sour.. and the Superbowl lived up to its hype (even if the "enemy" won). The commercials however we quite lackluster compared to other years... so eh... we've certainly seen better!!

Until next year Patriots fans!!

WEEK 4, DAY 7: Paleo Challenge
Morning Coffee Black
Breakfast - 3 Eggs Scrambled with Bacon
Lunch - Chicken Topped with Crispy Prosciutto
Dinner -Paleo Chicken Fingers, Stuffed Cherry Peppers and Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

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