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February 17, 2012

 Isnt that the truth!!

That saying can be applied to so many stages of life... for so many reasons. When I think about my life and the way I choose to lead it, I am constantly striving for the best. I guess some people could consider this a fault, depends on the way you look at it. Its not like I am constantly downplaying my strengths or thinking I am not good enough, its more about goal setting and motivation that pushes me in that direction. Pretty sure it was Tom Hanks in League of the Their Own that said "Anything worth doing is worth doing it right."

In a CrossFit box this simple statement "I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday" should be plastered all over the walls. The first step is making he change and getting in there for the intro workouts. If you make that step you are already ahead of the game. That's where it all starts, but than it gets in your head in your blood and in your dreams. As a competitor, its natural to want to be the best, have the fastest times, the strongest lifts, the most reps... but every good honest competitor knows that that takes time. You see some "naturals" who join up and excel right off the bat, but dont be fooled... EVERYONE has to start somewhere and EVERYONE has weaknesses.

I understand not everyone in into CrossFit for the competition and thats ok, you dont have to be. There are plenty of other benefits to the wide world of CrossFit. I however have been bit by the "bug" and love the thrill of setting a goal and hitting it, beating my last time and pushing myself to the limits. The best feeling in the world is having other CrossFit athletes cheering you during a WOD on and nothing beats the high fives, "great jobs" and compliments that fly around after time is up or everyone is complete. How many competitive sports do you see that the competitors finish their even take two breaths and start right in on cheering on the others who are still working.... none. 

Today is a big day... not only is it the last day of the Paleo Challenge, but I also got to give "Randy" another shot as the WOD. So what did 6 weeks of a pretty strict (with a few slip ups) paleo diet do for me? Well, first off, it took 37 seconds off my Fran time. That alone is exciting. Physical weight wise, I didnt really budge I lost 1.6 lbs, but that really could be because when I weighed myself at the beginning I was retaining a little water or something. The weight I am now is the same weight I was two weeks before the challenge, but it is what it is, I am really less and less concerned with my weight every day. I can however see major changes in my body and muscle definition. I lost a total of 3 inches... thats an inch off my tummy, an inch off my hips and a half an inch off both thighs. Pretty exciting!! Just goes to show anyone who is "addicted" to the scale... lay off, get a measuring tape and track your progress that way.

Finally lets talk about "Randy." Ohhhh Randy.... how did that ass kicking feel? Last time we met back in October my time was 7:48 Rx. To my own surprise I took 2:17 off my time and completed it in 5:31 Rx!! I was pumped... I cant wait to see what tomorrow brings!! However... I know I am not where I want to be yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday...

Looking forward to a great weekend and a Monday Holiday!!

Jump Rope Circuit 2X
- 10 Singles
- 10 Each Leg
- 10 Side to Side
- 10 Front to Back
- 10 Crossover
- 10 Double Unders
2 Rounds
- 10 Air Squats
- 10 Shoulder Dislocates
2 X Burgerner Warmup

WOD: "Randy" for Time
- 75 Snatches (55lbs)
(My Time 5:31 Rx)

100 Abmat Situps

WEEK 6, DAY 5: Paleo Challenge
Post Workout Shake - 2 Scoops Protein
Morning Tea
Morning Snack - 2 Egg Muffins with Mushrooms, Onion, Tomato
Lunch - Leftover Balsamic Pot Roast
Afternoon Snack - Banana Muffin, Dried Fruit
Afternoon Tea
Dinner - Leftover Pot Balsamic Roast

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