Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Always TRY...

February 21, 2012

"I cant"
"Maybe Later"
"I didnt sleep enough last night"
"I didnt eat enough this morning"
"Its too heavy"
"Its going to take to long"
"It hurts"

Did I miss any?

Excuses. We have all used them, we have all said them... and sadly we have all been victim of them. The same saying keeps coming back to me full circle through my writing. "You can not fail unless you try." Failure is healthy, failure teaches us what we need to do to improve, failure makes us better in the end. We are humbled by it, we are strengthened by it and we become better people with it. So why are "we" programmed to be scared of it?

I dont have an answer to that. Maybe we are suppose to be scared of it and thats what makes it so thrilling and exciting when the attempt becomes a success not a failure... I have no idea. Its hard to apply the "dont be afraid to fail" motto to everything in life, but really, shouldnt we approach most things in life with this thought process?  Personally, I think the more comfortable I am with the "failing" option certainly depends on what the consequence for failing is... for example, when I went for my job interview I was looking for a new place to work, I wasnt losing my job, I wanted to get out. The confidence that I exuded in my interview was clear, I was not afraid, if I "failed" and didnt get the job... my life wouldnt have changed. The consequence would be that I had to just keep going as it was. Albeit it wasnt what I wanted, but I wouldnt have ever known if I was going to get the job if I didnt go for it and give it my all at the interview.

The same can be applied to CrossFit (or any type of training for that matter). I approach every WOD thinking, "I can do this." You have to have a positive attitude or it wont work. You have to understand that "failure" is not really an option... and thats not because you cant "fail" at something, its because with every failure you become stronger. As long as you try, as long as you give it all you got, than failure is impossible.

Today after the WOD the skill was pistols. When K first showed me pistols I used a med ball under my butt and would keep my heel on the ground for stability. This... is a pistol:

The idea is to keep your heel (of the raised leg) off the ground, squat with one leg to below 90 and than get back up... again without touching your heel to the ground. Fun hua...

Well since the get go I never actually tried to do a pistol without assistance from my heel, or the wall, or a ring... and I always used the ball. This morning K clearly posted on the board that if we had a pistol to work on them and if we didnt than we were to attempt them with as little assistance as possible. At that time I realized that every time I have done pistols in the warmup or anything... that I just go right for the ball, plant my heel on the ground and do them... I never even TRIED to do them without.

Today was the day... and guess what my friends. This girl... right here... 3 sets of 10 totally unassisted pistols.

Hmm.... I guess what they say is true.

Jump Rope Circuit 2X
- 10 Singles
- 10 Each Leg
- 10 Side to Side
- 10 Front to Back
- 10 Crossover
- 10 Double Unders
2 X 9 Fundamentals
2 Min Upright Squat Sit @ Rack

WOD: "Elizabeth"
21-15-9 for Time
- Squat Clean (95lbs)
- Ring Dips (small blue band)
(My Time 10:39)
Pistols 3 X 10


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