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January 13, 2012

It could be a good thing, it could be a bad thing. Sometimes it gets me in trouble and sometimes its the best quality that I have. When I was a kid, my brother hated it. As a teen, my parents werent to happy with it. As an adult, sometimes my husband cant stand it. It has caused friendships to get stronger or end. It has caused relationships to get stronger or end. It is not something that I consciously realized I did until adulthood, and sometimes, I need to thing twice before I do it. But I will tell you, I am VERY happy that it is a quality that I have.

I have a big mouth. I say it like it is. Sometimes, I dont think about it before I say it (which is when it gets me in trouble usually), but sometimes, actually I think "most of the time" I am respected for speaking my mind and saying what it is I feel. I do my best not to hurt peoples feelings, start problems or cause trouble... but I will NOT let someone walk all over me, insult me, hurt someone I love... and I will NOT do something I am uncomfortable doing. If thats a "fault" or a "flaw" than I am ok with it.

Today at the gym was AWESOME!! Whats funny is that it wasnt one of those workouts that I was rip roaring and ready to do, in fact it was one of those that included some of the things that slow me down the most. But, I am taking note of all the things I say on this blog and "practicing what I preach..." Slow down, do it right and even if its frustrating, you WILL get it.

KP and I WODed together this morning. We have officially decided if yo cram she and I into one person, we would be one kick ass crossfitter!! She is stronger on the body weights and cardio and I am stronger on the weights. We worked well together, balanced eachother out and totally put up some good healthy competition for eachother!! Good times KP!! Good times!!

2 Rounds
- 10 Spiderman
- 10 Pistols
- 10 Back Extensions
- 10 Jumping Pullups
2 X 9 Fundamentals

WOD: Restless
5 Minute AMRAP
- 5 Squat Cleans (95lbs)
- 10 Burpees
5 Minute Rest
5 Minute AMRAP
- 5 OH Squats (75lbs)
- 10 Double Unders
(3 Rounds + 5 and 4 Rounds + 9 RX)

TABATA (20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, 8 rounds) Handstands

WEEK 1, DAY 5: Paleo Challenge
Post Workout Shake - 2 Scoops Protein
Morning Tea
Morning Snack - 2 Paleo Banana Bread Muffins w/Almond Butter
Lunch - Crock Pot Chicken with Mushrooms, Onion, Carrots and Celery
Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Snack - Lara Bar
Dinner - Spinach Salad with Egg, a few slices of roast beef and ham (deli) and Newmans Own Balsamic Vinaigrette (took a point for this meal, we were in a bind)
Late Snack - Lara Bar

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