Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Never Give Up

January 24, 2012

I said I would do it... so I am HERE is the link to the post in which I said "I will conquer pushups and pullups, you wait... I cant wait to link to this post when that day comes." Today, thats what I did... 100 Kipping pullups as part of the WOD. They are still pretty sketchy and they are not always over the bar However, I am there...I am doing it!!

I looked back at some old posts for a project I am doing. I had to share this one as well... on August 19th I wrote the following... "The pullups are my second arch nemesis... to the pushup. However after a quick break I jumped right into the skill exercise of the day. It was exactly like the progression workout I did with K for my push-ups on "goat" day, but with pull ups. So there we go, 55 pullups in 10 minutes... OUCH! But, I did it. With lots of encouragement from M and K, it was pretty easy (but not easy at all). When I finished my arms were like jello... my clothes were soaked... my hair was a mess coming out of my pony... my hands are throbbing where the callouses are developing... and M was standing there waiting for the high 5.... I did it!!" I go on to say how I had just completed my FIRST WEEK of CrossFit.

Whats great about this blog is I can literally look back and see how I was feeling. Totally deflated, I remember it... I remember the day, I remember the feeling. I know I had the thick black band and I was pulling with all my might for every one of those pullups.

Today, I completed the entire WOD which included 100 pullups and 100 deadlifts in just 19:22... with NO band. See this....

...thats a million bucks... and thats how I feel!!

Todays WOD was great. I had KP with me all the way. She and I struggled and fought and pushed eachother like nobodys business. We both agreed that if it wasnt for the other being there it would have been an even harder workout. It was a great day and if one things for sure it makes me so proud to be a crossfitter, so proud to be at a box with great supportive people... and really, so happy that I dont stop fighting!!

Keep pushing (or pulling) you will get where you want to be!!

Row 500m
2 Rounds
- 10 Spiderman
- 10 Pushups
- 10 GHD
Row 500m
2 X Burgerner

WOD: "Slimsy"
10 Rounds for Time - 10 Deadlifts (105)
- 10 Pullups (Kipping)
(My Time 19:22 Rx)

50 KB Swings (1.5 pood)
*2 burpee penalty if you put it down*
(I had 3 penalties)

WEEK 3, DAY 2: Paleo Challenge
Post Workout Shake - 2 Scoops Protein
Morning Tea
Morning Snack - 2 Egg Muffins
Morning Snack - 2 Teaspoons of Almond Butter
Lunch - Leftover Pork and Balsamic Butternut Squash
Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Snack - Lara Bar
Dinner - Crock Pot Chuck with Mushrooms, Onion, Carrots and Celery

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