Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Form Does Not Follow Function..."

January 5, 2012

Form Does Not Follow Function...WOW... never ever thought I would hear that one and agree with it.

You see, in architecture (see how my two worlds are colliding right now?) I am very much a "form FOLLOWS function" kind of girl. This phrase was used (by me) often through my time in architecture school while defending myself in a crit. What does it mean... well in architecture it means that shape of a building or object should be primarily based upon its intended function or purpose... the phrase was coined by Louis Sullivan in 1986, than adopted by his assistant Frank Lloyd Wright. So, you see, for all the years I was in school... and still to this day when I design, I am a "form follows function" thinker.

Well I read a great article today about CrossFit... and the best line in the article is "In CrossFit, form does not follow function. It enables it." 

Seriously, never thought of it in those words, but really it makes so much sense. What the author of the article goes on to say is that mastering the proper form should be the ultimate goal of a crossfitter, not time, not reps.. form. That crossfit athletes who can lift enormous amounts of weight, are not just strong, but have literally broken down every olympic lift and crossfit movement to the smallest extent and perfected it. This allows them to become great. The proper form enables them to be elite athletes. Yes, in turn crossfitters are in great shape... but that too comes with proper form. 

She makes a really great point when she talks about slowing down to really focus on the movements. I too have talked about it before when I have had to scale something down to be sure I am doing it correctly... only to better myself in the end.. Sometimes (ok, most of the time) I get down on myself when I have to scale, or when my time is on of the slowest on the board. What I have to remember is that "in CrossFit, form does not follow function. It enables it." What a great line.

Whats great about CrossFit Wachusett is that we have K and M... and in addition to that we all have each other. K and M are great coaches with excellent skill sets. They both have their strengths and they both have their weaknesses, they are human after all (I think). Every lift we do, every WOD they put on the board... and all those warmups, skills and mobilities have a purpose. They keep in mind what we need to do to become better athletes and push us to get where we want to be. Through each workout either one of them or both of them are watching each person guiding us to keep proper form... to "enable" function... (see how that works). I could not ask for better coaching.

Not only do we have great coaching, but we have each other as well. Through skills we ALWAYS watch out for one another. We cheer each other on, give each other tips and help to push, challenge and strengthen one another. There is no one left behind at CFW!

I love me some CrossFit!! 

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