Thursday, January 19, 2012


January 19, 2012

I am a HUGE fan of Thoreau... and this is one my favorite quotes of his. Whats funny, is that I consider myself a pessimist (which might come as a surprise). Through writing and crossfitting I have actually found something in myself again that seems to have been missing for a long time. Not sure what exactly that is, but I like the fact that in some way through my writing I have a slight chance of inspiring someone to do something, think of their life in a different way, take a look at something that might be bothering them and speak about it or... maybe even join a crossfit gym (but thats just a bonus)...

My problem is that I have an attitude. Clearly I am a pretty strong minded person. I want what I want... I do what I do... and I get pissed when something I expect to happen doesn't happen. While I consider this great quality to have when it comes to goal setting and achieving, sometimes I think I get in my own way. Admittedly, there are times when I am disappointed before the outcome is in front of me, I just wrote the other day about starting to learn to appreciate the "small stuff" and I really mean it.

While still maintaining my "self" I have to learn to balance "positivity" with that. Its very easy to "bitch" about the things that are going wrong in life. How I "wish I did better" at something... or how something or someone is annoying me at work or while driving, or while at the store. Now is the time to apply my CrossFit rules to my every day life. Today is the day for an adjustment. Today is the day that I have to start to "see" the things I am looking at and for in life.

... I will let you know how it goes!!

WEEK 2, DAY 4: Paleo Challenge
Morning Snack - A few slices of dried apricots on the way to work
Morning Tea
Morning Snack - 2 Egg Muffins
Lunch - Leftover Skirt Steak with Brussel Sprouts
Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Snack - Lara Bar
Dinner - Crock Pot Chicken with Mushrooms, Onion, Carrots and Celery

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