Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome to the Holiday Hoopla

December 1, 2011

Well, here we are... December. The month that (typically) everything turns brown and mushy. Where it snows and is pretty for about 30 seconds till I realize... one, that I have to clean out my car... two, that I have to drive to work in it... three, that its going to turn to ice and freeze over... four, that its going to be here till spring... five, ok I can stop... can you tell I love the snow! I have been pretty happy with the fact that it hasnt snowed since our freak Halloween storm this year. I can live with that! Mornings havent been so bad, even when its cold (thank you electric car starter).

With December comes the holidays. The time of year that everyone stuffs their faces, and somehow feel that since its the holidays its forgiven because "everyone cheats on the holidays." When it is a gesture of kindness to send gift baskets of chocolate, cookies and junk food from office to office (including mine), and you are looked at strangely if you dont partake in devouring them as soon as they enter the kitchen. People bring baked goods to share with everyone in the office every other day, and of course there are Christmas parties, gatherings and endless amounts of food up for grabs at what seems like every minute.

Now, I would be a total hypocrite if I didnt admit to being one of those people just last December (hell, even last July). Each year I would get to December and think "I will start next year with my diet" and just go freakin NUTSO with the junk food, chocolate, cookies.... you name it. Hey, why not right... whats another month of eating poorly, I was going to the gym... gee I wonder why it wasnt doing anything.

This year. Things, they are totally different. I have no desire to veer from the Paleo lifestyle I have been leading for the last 3 months just because its "the holidays." In fact, it makes me want to work even harder to be able to enter into 2012 and not be worried about where I am physically, and where I wish I was. I am sure I will take some criticism at various points. I am sure I will hear "what.. are you on a diet or something?" at some point or another. There will be days where it will be harder than others, but I have found myself not really craving sweet foods as much lately anyway. I will continue to allow myself one meal a week where I can indulge a bit (but not go overboard), of course thats not to say I wont enjoy a few cocktails or one of my moms delicious coffee bars (my absolute FAVORITE dessert she only makes at Christmas time) every once in a while. What that means though, is that they will taste even better than ever, and they will last a whole lot longer!

Look... I found a Paleo Christmas Basket...

So, what do I want for Christmas. Hmmmm, well its not anything and anyone can give me. Its what I want for myself. First and foremost, short term. I want to stick with my paleo lifestyle through the holiday hoopla. I know with the help of Hubs and all I have learned through my 4 months of crossfit, I can do this. I know without a doubt that I will not falter at the gym and will continue my regiment as it is through the foreseeable future... and lastly, I want to enter into 2012 happy with the progress I have made with my body and ready to take on the next year of my life as a CrossFit Woman.

Strength, commitment, motivation, dedication... Here I come December, guns loaded.

Hahahahhaahah!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!

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