Friday, December 23, 2011

Day of "Rest"

December 22, 2011

As if there is actually a "day of rest" this time of year. We all know that dosent happen. I am lucky if I actually get a day of rest other times of the year since once I know I dont have a gym day that morning, I know I can do something else that night... or the night before... the calendar fills up with the blink of an eye. This is actually something that I am planning on working on for the new year, but I plan to keep all the commitments that I have made of course!

I touched upon the downfalls of the holidays and what it can do to your routine in other posts. Today was a big test for that. Of course with a job in an office comes an office party... and leading up to the party is two weeks of what seems like an unending supply of chocolates, cookies and various goodies delivered to share amongst everyone. They are left looming in the kitchen where I walk through 100 times a day... to get my coffee, to get something off the large printer, to go to the ladies room... there they are...

Yesterday a giant box of chocolate covered pretzels was delivered. If there is one thing in this world that I love... its salt and chocolate together! I saw them in the kitchen and was so unbelievably thankful that I had one of my fantastic salty/sweet home made protein bars  with me! I hurried back to my desk and nibbled on that right away. It totally killed the craving and it was actually time for me to have my morning snack anyway. So BONUS!!

This afternoon we all gathered in the kitchen for our annual office party. In comes the wine, beer, sandwiches, shrimp, calzone, scallops and bacon... cookies... Hmmm, whats a paleo girl to do? Well, I have already come to the conclusion that its going to be "difficult" this weekend with my food. So I just have to decide where its "ok" to make sacrifices. This, was not one of them. I had already eaten my lunch and there was no need to indulge in more food. So I just stepped aside. Likewise I poured myself one glass of red wine and sipped that as I mingled. When it was gone, a good old fashioned WATER...

Aside from the few "are you sticking to your diet" comments that I got... everything was ok. No one was offended and I was able to do what I wanted to do for myself. Thats how I plan to approach the rest of the weekend. Cautious to not fall off the wagon completely... but whats Christmas morning without waffles and strawberries!?! My family tradition I have had for my whole life...

You bet your butt I will be taking part in those!!

Its all about moderation. I will make it through, and I will enjoy myself. If there is one thing (amongst the million things) I have learned these last 5 months... I dont need food to have a good time!!

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