Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yum Sushi

November 12, 2011

#12 - I am thankful for my love for food... that I was raised with an appreciation of many different types of food and "lucky" enough that I really enjoy pretty much every type of food that gets put in front of me. I have always been pretty adventurous with foods and always say that I will try anything at least once. So far I cant really think of one thing that I have tried, that I wouldnt try again. There are of course a few things that I dont like... but nothing that I absolutely hate.

Hubs and I decided years ago that we would go out and try sushi. We were totally hooked and could probably eat it at least three nights a week. We had a "favorite place" that we frequented and even knew the name of the owner and other regulars. Since starting Paleo we have not had sushi. Even on our days off, we have been opting for a bunless burger, a home made pizza and other non paleo foods.

We are both Scorpios (which can either work for you or against you)... our birthdays are 5 days apart. Each year we go out to dinner to celebrate and pick one night to do so. Conveniently we both like the same types of food so the decision of where to go is pretty simple. Tonight we decided to try out a new sushi place. It was delish! We ordered a few rolls, than took our time, ordered one more and finished up our Saporos quite satisfied with out "cheat" meal of the week. 

We headed home, popped in a move and enjoyed some home made paleo fig cookies and coconut ice cream for dessert...YUM!!

This morning we went to CrossFit for our Saturday beating... I mean workout... and joined K and A for a makeshift workout. Each of us were working something different and since we were all still so sore from "DT" we decided against the workout we missed during the week.  We had such a great time...

Hubs and I started out with the warmup from Thursday this week. He went off to do his own thing (after dancing along to a little Miss Janet on the old school ipod)... I was trying to figure out what to do when K said "why dont you work on rope climbs?" I hadnt even thought of it yet, and to be honest, I was a little scared. I havent climbed the rope since gym class in 5th grade when there were knots on it to put your feet on. Well, what have I got to lose right? K showed me how to do the "J hook" with my feet and where to put my hands, and it was my turn to go for it. THREE TIMES!! Yep, I went up and down three times! Felt like a great accomplishment! Cant wait for more!!

After that, K and I did an ab circuit together. I had a great time working out with K! We did 20 floor wipers and 20 GHD situps. I was pretty happy with myself that I was able to get the weight (75lbs) up for the floor wipers this time. Last time we did them I had no problem holding the weight, it was just getting the weight up from the floor over my head that was the issue. We did 4 rounds. Felt great!! I love me some Saturday WOD's at Crossfit Wachusett!

Row 250m
3 Rounds
- 10 Toy Soldiers
- 8 Air Squats to Ball
- 6 GHD Situps
- 4 Strict Pullups
Row 250m

WOD: Core Circuit
4 Rounds
- 20 Floor Wipers
- 20 GHD Situps

3 Rope Climbs
25lb Overhead Plate Hold (3:55)

Clearly NOT me... but I love this pic!!

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