Wednesday, November 30, 2011

See Ya November...

November 30, 2011

Today was a tough one. One of those "what doesnt kill you makes you stronger" days!! We have learned that when the WOD is posted and its for a certain amount of rounds, if there are 3 its heavier weight (usually) and if its 5, its lighter weight (usually). Today the WOD on paper even looked difficult, as most thrusters are never a good time! But, when that alarm went off I was ready to head to the gym and face the challenge!

I was pleased to have company for this mornings WOD. J and T were both there. We are starting to be the "steady" Wednesday morning crew! We all got right into the warmup and got our bars set for the WOD. I knew I was going to do the thrusters prescribed. So, 80lbs right onto the bar. I also got the Rx kettle bell, 1 pood (36lbs) ready... and my silly green pull up band. There we have it, I was ready.

Talk about insanity. It was hard, I was sweating, I was grunting and I was loving every second of it! The guys working with me were enough to keep pushing me forward. Just keep on moving, just keep on knocking out those thrusters in as many continuous reps as possible. I was able to string all of the KB swigs together all three rounds, I broke the thrusters up into either 4 or 5 reps at a time and the pullups... they were slow, but they got done.

There are times that I am sore, there are times I think... this is going to be hard. But I the thought of "I cant finish," or "I cant do this" hasnt crossed my mind in months. Its a wonderful feeling to know that with all of the struggle and with all of the push and drive.... success and results will follow.

25 Double Unders
3 Rounds
- 10 Inchworms
- 10 Grasshoppers
- 10 Ring Rows
- 10 Hollow Rocks
25 Double Unders
2 Min Shoulder Opener on Wall

3 Rounds for Time
- 20 Kettle Bell Swings (1 pood)
- 15 Thrusters (80lbs)
- 10 Pull ups
(My Time 16:52)

Handstand, Walking Handstands

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