Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One Hundred...

November 16, 2011

#16 - I am thankful for my new cell phone! Again, sort of mundane, but last night Hubs and I went out and bought ourselves birthday presents. Funny how dependent on technology we are now a days. What would we do without cell phones, and at this point what would we do without cell phones that have text messaging, voice mail, games, internet... and all that jazz. The new features of my phone make me happy, talk to text, blue tooth and "drive mode" make it safer for me to use my phone while driving... and they are pretty cool too! Hello new Epic 4G Touch...

Another horrible nights sleep... I am going to have to do something about that tonight. I know I am not getting to bed early, but I will get to sleep a little longer in the morning, maybe it will do me some good. I did have a little struggle getting up, but once I was moving I was doing ok. I arrived at the gym and to my surprise I saw 3 cars. Not only did the 5:30am crew consist of T and I today, but we had a guest appearance from J, who usually goes in the afternoon. It was nice to see him and it was also fun to have a morning guest!
So lets talk about "Angie," wow...  100 of each, pullups, pushups, situps and air squats. I asked K while we were warming up if you were able to spit up the exercises any way you wanted like you can do in Murph. No luck, K said that you had to complete all 100 of each before moving onto the next. Yikes! K set a max time limit of 40 minutes and we got everything ready to go and we were off.

The pullups were by far the hardest for me. I used the large green band and piled up some weights to modify. I started off with 10 in a row, I thought "geeze, this is 10, I have to do 100!" K was right there pushing us along. I was trying to focus on pulling my elbows to the ground rather than lifting myself up. At the half way point I just worked harder. I wanted them to be over! The last 10 were the hardest and finally I was done and onto the second worst movement of mine... the pushup.

K said that they should be chest to ground. I grabbed an abmat and did them chest to abmat. I got almost all of them down to the mat. It wasnt pretty, but it worked. I started doing sets of 10, than wound up breaking that up further to sets of 5. The rest from 5 to 10 was quicker than the rest between the sets of 10. It made it easier for me to think of it as two sets of 50. They went quicker than I thought, but my arms were burning. All I could think was "after this its all downhill." When I was done I just turned over and dug right in.

The abmat situps were one of the stronger exercises for me. My abs really havent had a break since Saturday, but I feel good! I thought to myself that I knew I could do 25, so I will start there. When I got to 25, I didnt want to stop so I continued on to 50. I took a short break, stretched out my abs had a sip of water than finished the final 50. My as were on FIRE, but again... the least amount of rest, the faster the WOD will be done!

The squats were my strongest! When I stood up K said "do them all unbroken" and I just had that totally stuck in my head. "Unbroken, you can do this unbroken." I got to 25 and decided to get to 50 and when I got to 50 I just wanted to keep going... I did all 100 squats UNBROKEN!!

By the time I was done I was totally beat so there was no energy for my double under practice. I am going to get some of that in on Saturday... after my WOD and Strength... unless I decide to save my calves for the race! Today was fun and yet another day where my head thinks "oh my god" and my body just does it! Crossfit changes everything!

Row 250m
2 Rounds
- 20 Walking Lunges
- 10 Shoulder Dislocates
- 5 K2E
- 10 Spiderman
- 20 Hollow Rocks
Row 250m

WOD: "Angie" for time
- 100 Pullups (green band)
- 100 Pushups (to abmat)
- 100 Situps
- 100 Squats
(My Time 27:38)

Double Under Practice

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