Tuesday, November 1, 2011


November 1, 2011

Hard to believe its already November!! This year has zipped by and I swear we were just saying goodbye to the summer. November is one of my favorite months. Yeah, its my birthday this month, but thats not the (entire) reason why I love it. The fall air, the turning leaves (that usually we dont have snow covering), and most of all, Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I think it sucks that it is overthrown by Christmas before it even has a chance. People count down to Thanksgiving... but really, they are counting down to the "day after Thanksgiving" which I happen to loathe!

Anyway... I am going to start a new "feature" Thanksgiving. A challenge so to speak. I am going to spend the days leading up to Thanksgiving giving thanks to everything and anything I want to be thankful for. Lets see if I can make it all 24 days.

#1 - I am thankful for my brother, and the 19 years we shared on this earth together. That I can keep all of those memories close to my heart and still hear his laugh and see his simile in my mind every day.

On my usual note. This morning, still no power at work... so I knew I didnt have to go in till 10:00am. We were asked to spend some time there and get anything done we could offline. I decided to still get up for my usual morning workout, why not! So off to the gym I went.

We started off after the warmup with the OH Press. A few weeks ago we did OH Press for 4 sets of 3. I was able to do that 75-80-80-80. I had an idea that I wanted to go up in weight a bit and since it was a 5-5-3-3-1, K and I talked about starting at the 80lb mark. So thats what I did. My first set I got up 80lbs 5 times. K kept reminding me to keep my core tight and butt under. I have a habit sometimes of pushing out my butt, sway back almost, when I OH press. K said its probably because it opens up your shoulders and allows you to use a little more bicep on the lift. I am clearly trying to get away from that so I can do the reps correctly... once I did it, she said it and it corrected it.

The second set of 5 I did 80lbs again. At that point I wanted to increase for the next 3, I took a whim and went for 91bs. Attempted... tried and tried and failed on all three. Couldn't even get one. I took a break as KP did her set and than went back in for more. I dropped the weight for the next set down to 85lbs. This was great because I managed to get 2 of the 3 up.. this was a PR for me!! K advised that I shoot for 90lbs again for my 1 rep. I gave it all that I could, but couldn't get it up... as hard as I tried. So we immediately did a drop set and I did 75lbs for 3 reps. Felt good and was happy with my performance.

Next up, the row... the WOD was a 2000m row for time. KP and I took a seat next to each other and got started. Wow. This was hard work. We were pulling and pulling and time was ticking away. I had never rowed more than 1000m so I didt know what to shoot for, so I just tried to keep my 500m pace (that you can see on the screen) at or around 2:00. I was able to keep that pace pretty well. K was behind us yelling and coaching us on. She was telling me to not start the pull to early. I was trying to keep all my "rowing notes" in the forefront of my brain! Long pulls and slow returns. I finished at 8:09.

2 Rounds
- 10 Box Step Ups Each Leg (20" Box)
- 10 Grasshoppers
- 10 Ring Row
- 10 Slow Back Extensions
2 X Burgener Warmup

2000m Row for Time

Overhead Press 5-5-3-3-1
80 for 5
80 for 5
90 for 3 failed
85 for 3 got 2
90 for 1 failed
75 for 3

6:30am: Post Workout Shake
8:00am: Coffee and Egg Muffins
12:00pm: Dried Bananas, Peaches and Apricots
3:00pm: Acorn Squash with Ground Beef and Mushrooms

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