Monday, November 7, 2011

Jack and "Diane"

November 7, 2011

#7 - I am thankful for the children in my life. For those that are already here bringing joy and smiles by the minute and just as much for those that are on their way!! The things that they say, their laughter, their smiles... and their hugs and kisses are a recipe for happiness!! There is nothing better than a big hug and an "I love you" from all of my girls and big sloppy wet kisses from the little prince in my life! I surround myself with their pictures on my desk at work and whenever I need to smile, there they are. Auntie Sarah loves you all!

Well, its time to unveil the "cut." Its a whole new me!!

This morning I had a feeling it was going to be tough to get out of bed. Hubs and I were both really sore all day yesterday from our home made WOD on Saturday. We spent the day cleaning and getting things organized at the house, he went food shopping, I did laundry, than we did lots and lots of cooking. Didnt get to bed till after 10:00pm, which I hate doing. Its a recipe for a fight to get out of bed in the morning. I did manage to get up and out in record time and somehow even got to the gym earlier than usual.

Again, as usual when I know deadlifts are involved with a workout, I was excited to get moving at the gym this morning. I tucked my hair into a "teeny tiny" pony and hoped and prayed that it would stay though the workout. Even better, it stayed tight through double unders!! That is awesome!! One of my biggest concerns was that I would have trouble with how short it was during my workouts. But, alas it was good!! I spent some time working on my double unders. I think I know what my problem is and some days I can just do them. Others, not so much.

I was done with the warmup and got the elastics (for the HSPU's) and the bar ready for "Diane." K set the timer and I was ready to go. I started in with the first 21 deadlifts. I had an alternate grip and picked up and dropped the first 2. Than I heard K say "thats light enough you can do touch and go's" so I stopped dropping it. I got out 10 of them than dropped to re-grip. Did the rest unbroken than moved onto the HSPU's. These still make me laugh. I dont know what it is about them that I feel so awkward.

After completing the 21 HSPU's I was back to the deadlifts. Did the 15's in three sets of 5 with no break, just a re-grip. The second set of HSPU's were a disaster. I was starting to feel nauseous with my head down. I kept pushing forward but had a few rests in between. Finally onto the 9's. As I walked to the bar K said "unbroken" which is pretty much my trigger word. I picked it up and nailed all 9 in a row. All that was left were 9 measly HSPU's. Unfortunately they were slow and I had to come down twice in the set of 9. I was however able to complete Diane in a time of 7:37. Good for me! As those hand stand push ups get easier, I will get faster at that one.

I was pretty excited that I did my pullups during the warmup with  just the large green band. I didnt allow my foot to touch the ground in between each one which is huge for me. Sometimes I push off to get them all in. So that was a positive, however I was still daunted by the skill for the day, pushups. Pushups with the regulation abmats and plates

K got it all set up while I was recovering from my WOD and than set the time for 10 minutes. This was the good ole, 1 the first min, 2 the second min, 3 the third and so on until you have completed 10 reps in the 10th minute. Its great in the first minute with all the rest, but much harder as you progress. I did pretty well for the first few minutes. Did my best to get my chest down to the mat, but as I got higher in numbers I got further away from the mat. I didnt want to give up and kept going, but this is one of my weaknesses. Once I get my goal sheet, this is one for the list!

Looking back at my book my first recorded WOD was 8-8-11, this means that tomorrow morning will be 3 months of crossfit!!

3 Rounds
- 250m Row
- 10 Inchworms
- 5 Pullups
2 X 9 Fundamentals
5 Minutes Double Under Practice

WOD: "Diane"
21-15-9 for Time
- Deadlift (155lbs)
- HSPU's (Black and Green)
(My time 7:37)

10 Minutes of Pushups
with Regulation Plates and Mat

6:30am: Post Workout Shake
7:00am: Dried Bananas
8:00am: Black Coffee
9:30am: Egg Muffins
12:30pm: Paleo Meatballs, Spaghetti Squash and Sauce

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