Saturday, October 29, 2011

Whatever you say Chief!

October 29, 2011

I certainly was feeling the filthy fifty when I woke up this morning. My hamstrings, quads and back appreciated the 8 hours of sleep I was luck enough to get for the THIRD night in a row! I am getting spoiled with this. Better not get used to it... I know it wont last long! I will however take what I can get when I can get it!

Originally I had planned to get up a little later and hit the 9:00 class, things went a little differently last night and I wound up waking up early and getting to the gym for 8:00. I knew I was going to face the "chief" this morning, I saw the workout on Thursdays web posting and knew that was my workout! I love when I see one like that so I know I can attack it on a Saturday with full force!

When I got to the gym M was there and ready for me to get going. I worked through the warmup and got myself going. Really using every warmup movement to get stretched out and my sore muscles moving. All of the exercises I did yesterday affected a different part of my body, so it was important to get everything warm. Rowing helped one thing, inchworms another, grasshoppers, shoulder dislocates and of course the 9 fundamentals really got my blood flowing!

I got the bar set up for 95lb hanging power cleans, and M chalked it up really well for me. I was doing this workout while T and J were doing the filthy fifty, so I was waiting for them to get started at the same time (so we could use the same timer). The next thing you know we were ready and we heard the infamous... 3...2...1... GO!

I dug right in. The WOD for me was 3 power clean at 95lbs followed by 6 pushups and 9 air squats. It was done in 5 rounds of a 3 minute AMRAP with one minute of rest in between each 3 minute round. Get it? So the first three minutes I hammered out 4 rounds. M told me as I was finishing up the 4th round that partial rounds weren't counted, so I literally flew through the last set of 9 air squats like I have never moved before. I didnt want the whole 4th round to not count.

The next round (and the rest of the four 3 minute AMRAPs) I was able to get three full rounds out. I was pumping as fast as I could and really trying to have enough time after the 3rd round to be able to get a 4th in. The cleans were going strong, as were the air squats... the pushups were the hardest for sure. I was again doing my best to push myself, get my chest down to the ground, squeeze my core, screw my hands and toes into the floor and get those reps out.

I was able to successfully complete 16 rounds in the allotted time. Felt really great and I was happy I was able to meet my goal. Forging ahead I am looking forward to meeting and beating my times/weights of previous workouts. My competition... is myself.

I was REALLY proud of myself for the skill/strength today. It was ring dips and when I looked in my trusty notebook I saw that I had used the small green band when doing 12 reps. Right away, knowing I was going to be doing 4 sets of three I wanted to use the smallest band I could. I grabbed the small red band and went to work! To my own surprise I got out all of my reps, unbroken with the red band!! Success!! I love the feeling that what I am doing is working.

Looking forward to a night out with the CFW family tonight!!

Row 500m
2 Rounds
- 10 Inchworms
- 10 Grasshoppers
- 10 Shoulder Dislocates
9 Fudamentals
Row 250m

5 Rounds, 3 Min AMRAP, 1 min rest in between
- Power Clean(95lbs)
- 6 Pushups
- 9 Air Squats
(16 Rounds Rx)

Ring Dips 3-3-3-3
(Small Red Band)

9:00am: Post Workout Shake
10:00am: Hand full dried bananas
12:00pm: Coffee and Paleo Banana and Chip Pancakes
2:00pm: Paleo Brownie (1.5) and Coffee

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