Sunday, October 2, 2011


Saturday October 1, 2011

Today was quite the test on how to handle traveling while living the Paleo lifestyle. Hubs and I arrived last night to Reading PA to attend my cousins wedding today. We took off from work yesterday and headed out for what should have been a 5.5 hour car ride. About 7.5 hours later... after sitting in every inch of traffic from home to Reading, we arrived. We had both eaten lunch before we left work around 11:30am and were pretty much starving upon our 8:00 arrival.

The hotel, not so nice... but they had a decent bar where we found ourselves each having a $1 Blue Ribbon on tap and I picked the chef's salad off the menu which I considered the "least" offensive meal for me at the time. I was just hungry and tired to be honest. We visited with some of my family than headed off to our rooms for the night.

Today was little less stressful than yesterday. We decided to pretty much fast during the day knowing that we would be eating our "cheat" meal and having some beers at the wedding (yay for Yuengling)! We had coffee in the morning than headed to the mall. It was pretty easy to refrain from the "mall food" but by the time we got back to the hotel we were starving. We knew that it would be at least 6:00 till we were going to eat at the reception so thankfully I prepared and brought along some Lara Bars.

The wedding and reception were beautiful. We had such a great time. Allowing ourselves to enjoy the dinner which was chicken, fish, ham, carrots and corn... and even had a piece of cake was delightful. Kegs of Yuengling made me a happy lady as well. We refrained from the candy buffet knowing whatever we took home we would not be able to eat which worked out well. I did have one chocolate covered pretzel from my moms bag.

All in all it was a successful day. I was feeling quite guilty but I know that its not worth getting upset about it. Tomorrow is another day and we will be back on track.

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